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Kate Spade inspired wedding shower.

I came across this Kate Spade inspired wedding shower on one of my daily reads: Em is for Marvelous. I love of the idea of taking inspiration for a party from one of the guest of honor’s favorite brands.

I thought it was super clever so wanted to share it with you! Emily, who’s also the creative director of Southern Weddings, created the invites herself and did such a great job… even mimicking Kate Spade’s signature Baskerville italics.

She also had a really fun game idea. She had each guest write a note for the bride for the 12 days leading up to the wedding… I love stationery and notes of any kind so it’s not surprising that I thought this was a really thoughtful idea.

It would also work well for a baby shower as the days leading up to a due date can get a bit intense as well… only it’s a very different type of intense as compared to leading up to a wedding.

And isn’t nail polish such a cute idea for a favor? LOVE. Check out her post for more pictures here.

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New mother inspiration from Princess Marie.

There are so many moments to be excited about with a new baby… one of them is the christening! I’m already planning ours. I can’t wait!

Isn’t this one elegant looking family? Princess Marie and Prince Joachim from Denmark and their little daughter Athena are quite striking. In Denmark and lots of other Nordic countries, names aren’t announced or given until the baby’s christening, which usually comes at around three to four months.

It turns out Princess Marie looks amazing all the time!

I think it’s very appropriate for the mother to wear neutrals and the father to wear pinks for a little girl’s christening.

Here Princess Marie looks very Kate Middleton (or perhaps Kate has been channeling Marie?) on her way to the christening of the Royal twins. Again, neutrals work so well for morning christenings.

Marie also wore neutral lace to her son Prince Hendrik’s christening. Image credit: Bauer Griffin

Not only does the princess look fantastic all dressed up, but she even manages to look amazingly put together when exiting the hospital after giving birth!

Here she is leaving the hospital with her son. And here she is with her daughter.

When going through my hospital bag checklist, I didn’t really have high heals and skinny jeans in mind for my ‘going home outfit!’

I mean don’t you agree that this is ridiculously impressive for just days after giving birth?

Can you imagine facing a crowd like this on your way home!?

Not surprisingly, Marie also looked very cute with a bump!

Another preggo-balcony shot.

And of course I have to share a shot of the family while visiting HK!

She even manages to look absolutely adorable in the rain–love the braid. As I type this, we’re enduring a Typhoon 8 and things are getting quite wet and crazy out there.

Oh and to close, a wedding shot! Marie is French… can’t say I’m surprised.

It really does seem like Kate has taken a few tips from Marie, don’t you agree?

All image from Getty Images unless otherwise noted.

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Six tips for an inspiring tabletop + pretty cookies.

While on my trip back to the States, I helped host a work dinner at my boss’s home to celebrate Minted’s recent art print launch. I had a lot of fun putting together the tabletop and thought  I’d share my six, easy tips to putting together an inspiring tabletop.

1. Long tables are awesome. I am just a huge fan of one, big long table whenever possible. Even if it’s so big you are likely having multiple conversations, it still makes everyone feel united to be seated together. And you avoid the ‘A-list’ vs. ‘B-list’ issue entirely.

2. Pick a color and stick to it. Given that our logo is a really pretty green, I decided to stick to green and yet liven things up a bit by working with a few different shades of green.

3. Wrapping paper table runners are awesome and affordable. Here I took five sheets of wrapping paper and cut them in half to create a runner the length of the table. Then on the sideboard, I used a whole sheet of paper to do a candle cluster display.

4. Lots of little arrangements are better than one or two big arrangements that you can’t see over. Little vases also make a few flowers go a long way so they’re much easier on the budget. Flowers by my very favorite Hunt Littlefield.

5. Placecards make everyone think you thought ahead to include them and also let you play matchmaker, which is super fun.

6. Lastly, let your favors be both gifts and decor. I asked Sugar Mama Cookies SF to make cookies with our art print images on them. Using edible image paper, she happily obliged. Here we have Tami Bohn’s Zou Bisou Bisou… I’m personally obsessed with Megan from Mad Men so I love this one!

If  you want to try this at home, keep in mind that not only do you need to buy edible image paper, but edible ink for your printer as well. If you’ve ever wondered how supermarkets are able to print cartoons onto cakes… this is how they do it. And here we have Heirloom Pear by Alexandra Stafford.

What was so fun is that we were able to show the three color ways our art prints are offered in. Lucky Girl by Krista Messer would be perfect for any little princess’s room!

Part of the reason they look so good is that Sugar Mama Cookies SF actually hand piped the black frames around the image paper for a really finished look. From left to right: All in the Details by Courtney Wilburn, Those Stylish Madmen by Dana Beckwith, Wood Grain Hearts by Max and Bunny.

In the end, whenever you’re doing anything, but especially when entertaining… remember to Keep it Simple, by j. bartyn!

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Hong Kong aerial by Boss Hunting.

This aerial shot of HK has been floating around… my friend Maddy tagged me in it on Facebook from Dim Sum & Then Some’s FB group. It’s pretty cool just how vertical this city is!

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NY Times Piece: The Other Mothers of Manhattan.

Given how many children here are raised by domestic helpers, I thought this story: Love, Money and Other People’s Children by Mona Simpson in the New York Times was particularly appropriate to share. All of these Madonna-esque photos are nannies with their charges.

Here are a few quotes that stood out to me:

“Moms, sometimes they feel the kid likes you more than them, but the thing is that I tell my boss, I say: ‘You know what, remember this: Don’t feel threatened by me. They are your kids. At the end of the day they know who is Mom and who is Dad.’ I’ll do everything for her, but she knows who is her mom. So there’s nothing to worry about.’

“No one can dispute the importance of raising a child. Most parents, holding a new baby, face the most monumental work of their life. Perhaps the reason we often deny caregivers the social position and the respect they deserve is that we are uncomfortable with our absence from the particular chair they occupy, many hours of the day, many days of the year.”

“We don’t like to mix love with money. We want love to come as a gift that offers as much pleasure and reward to the giver as to ourselves. No one receiving love wishes to break it down to its component parts, of good sense and feasibility, much less to consider that payment may be necessary to inspire the whole project.

Even more than we want good love for ourselves, we want it for our children, those vulnerable satellites of our hearts that we send, unsteady, into the world. Lewis Hyde, in his study of gift-exchange societies, tells us that in those economies, the gift needs to go “around a corner.” There must be a middle person or the gift becomes a trade. So the person handing over the money cannot be purchasing love for herself. This is an alchemy that works for working parents. You can pay a person who almost certainly will not love you but, with any luck, may love your child.”

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