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Time for Corned Beef!

St. Patrick’s Day may still be three weeks away, but if you want to have homemade corned beef… now is the time to get it going! I wanted to do the full, traditional meal of corned beef and cabbage, but … Continue reading

St. Paddy’s Day Party!

Our St. Paddy’s party on Saturday was so much fun! St. Patrick even smiled on us with our first non-cloudy night in months and the view was spectacular! And it was warm enough for people to hang on the deck. … Continue reading

Getting ready for….

… My favorite day of the year!! Seriously, I think I may love St. Paddy’s day even more than any other. It’s such a great holiday I think in part because it’s a little unexpected. I’ve been having a lot … Continue reading

17 days until St. Paddy’s Day!

It’s the first of March and there are only 17 days until St. Paddy’s day… so now is a good time to get your corned beef going! Check out my how-to corned beef post from last year. All you have … Continue reading

St. Patrick’s day dinner.

We threw our  St. Patrick’s Day party over the weekend, but there is still time for you to put together a nice dinner for Thursday or next weekend! Corned beef. I made my own corned beef by making a brine … Continue reading