The last thing I ever thought I’d be doing is starting a blog about being a housewife, much less one set in Hong Kong, but as it turns out that’s just what’s going to keep me busy for at least the next couple of months. The Mr’s company offered him an opportunity he couldn’t resist and so here we are. To be honest, starting a blog kind of makes me want to throw up, not because I don’t like reading blogs but because I feel like it’s so two years ago, but even if no one reads this I’m sure the discipline of writing daily will improve my writing. Plus, it’s easier than keeping a journal. And, after all the reason we’re here is that Asia, whether we like it or not is a big part of all of our futures. So all those caveats aside, until I find my next big thing, you can check in here to find out about our Asian adventures and domestic travails.

Before we get started, a little (don’t worry–just a little) about me. I spent the better half of my childhood in Silicon Valley, headed to Indiana for undergrad at Notre Dame, and then came right back to the Bay Area to work at San Francisco magazine writing and editing (check out some of my pieces here). After five years there, I followed my card obsession to Minted, an online stationery start-up. I’m still working for them part-time from Hong Kong (check out some recent blog posts here), albeit remotely and from home, hence the housewife status. I also love to cook and entertain (my friends back home call me ‘Martha on Crack’) and so I’m excited to see what influence being in Asia will have on my cooking, entertaining, and decorating activities.

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  1. Hi Natasha! This is so awesome. It’s such a great opportunity! HK is one of my favorite cities. Not sure if Blake told you, my area of expertise is in relocating people around the world, so let me know if you have any questions!

    • Wow, Dennis. Awesome to hear from you! And, no I didn’t know you did that, but I will keep you in mind and PLEASE do let me know if you’re ever in HK for work. It would be great to see you!!

  2. This is a fantastic idea. I was going to email you to suggest you take pictures of all the awesome cuisine and put them on your twitter (on Friday, I just eaten a Chaccero sandwich and was checking Facebook and saw one of your tweets and it all mixed together up into my brain), and then I see that you have actually started a whole blog dedicated the HK experience. Awesome. Along the same lines, the more pictures of HK the better, a good mix of pictures and narrative will make this blog killer, but it seems like you already are two steps ahead as the maid post is a great template for posts.

  3. A fun blog. So is it actually 12 timezones to Boston? :)

  4. I think your site is interesting & I appreciate your writing style. Blog on.

  5. I’m a beijing housewife :) I moved here to be with the Mr. too he’s like chinese chinese. We travel to hong kong often when he has business there. I love it there. I actually wish i lived there instead of beijing. loving your blog :) enjoying all your posts. have a nice day!!! hope the weather is better there than it is here. its so gloomy.

  6. Dear HK Housewife,

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  7. elizabeth rowan

    Welcome to HK! Sooo glad to find your fab blog. Love HK, love interiors and have long loved Minted! In fact, we printed our going away party invites with Minted for our HK send off! Keep up the beautiful work,

  8. Hi! *waves*

    I also grew up in Silicon Valley, so reason stands that we may have run into each other at one point or another. I just moved to Nashville and am writing my blog a little bit about that-I’m an expat from California if you will :-) Hope we can be blog buddies/penpals!


  9. Love your blog. Please keep us posted

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