12 crazy scientific pregnancy facts.

I haven’t wanted to bore you non-preggos about my pregnancy too much and I also think there are some things you just shouldn’t know until you have to know… overshare much?! but I’ve learned some pretty baffling facts during my pregnancy journey that I thought would be fun to share with you. But first, how cute is she?

  1. By the time your placenta has formed at the end of your third month, it manufactures insane amounts of estrogen: more than a non-pregnant woman would produce in 100 years!! No wonder you feel a little crazy from time to time, right?!
  2. Your eyesight is affected by pregnancy; my prescription got worse by about 35%! Hormones, fluid retention, blood circulation are to blame… they say that water retention actually increases the thickness and curvature of your cornea.
  3. You may need to pee all the time even from very early on in your pregnancy, well before the baby is big enough to put pressure on your bladder. Again, it’s the hormones that are responsible.
  4. Your baby is fully formed by the end of your first trimester, it’s just super tiny! But it has all its requisite organs. Not surprising then that you are exhausted for the first few months.
  5. Your baby can hear you by month four.
  6. By month seven, the brain is fully formed and researchers think your baby now possesses the ability to remember.
  7. Your baby is considered viable at 24 weeks. The youngest surviving baby was delivered at 21 weeks and was quite healthy. The smallest surviving baby ever born was delivered at just 26 weeks and weighed only 8.6 ounces.
  8. By the end of your pregnancy, your blood volume will have increased by 50 percent… so you actually gain about 4 pounds of blood! This is why it’s so easy to become anemic during pregnancy, which unfortunately I’ve been struggling with. And that’s why you’re said to ‘glow.’
  9. Your uterus expands to more than 500 times it’s normal size during your pregnancy. I know most women’s abs are never the same again, but it’s still pretty impressive how much your body is able to recover consider the massive changes it’s gone through.
  10. Without getting into too much gory detail, I think that kegels and activating your transverse abdominals (this is the main point behind Pilates) are key to helping with back pain and hopefully also with labor and recovery. I’ve been doing a lot of yoga / kegels and pilates and am hoping it pays off! They’ve both really helped with my back pain. I recommend this kegels iPhone app and this pregnancy pilates DVD.
  11. Many people believe in a ‘fourth trimester.’ The world’s longest pregnancy lasted 375 days, strangely, the baby was only a little under seven pounds. My Dr. will induce if I go later than my due date by ten days, but a lot of people think that before man evolved to walk upright that the gestation period was 3-4 months longer. When we started walking upright, our hips narrowed and baby’s heads started getting stuck so we began to go into labor earlier… this is the explanation for why the first three months of a newborn’s life are so labor intensive; they really should still be in the womb.
  12. Lastly, and just to mix things up really, a woman recently ran the Chicago Marathon when she was 9 months pregnant and gave birth to a healthy girl just hours after completing the 26 miles! Can you believe they let her do that?! I’ve been trying to exercise daily, but by exercise I mean a nice walk or yoga class…
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6 responses to “12 crazy scientific pregnancy facts.

  1. Oh mama, I miss exercising with you. Love that you hosted the servicemen. Will definitely sign up, what a great program.
    Thinking of your baby belly. Can not wait to hear the news. X

  2. What fabulous information! 🙂

  3. Fascinating!!

  4. All very interesting facts. Did you see that new Google CEO, Marissa Mayer (from Wisconsin) is pregnant with her first child, due in October. Wow, she
    will be a busy lady!! She says she will only take a few weeks of maternity leave.
    I can’t wait to get the call about your baby, so we can hop on the plane!!

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