Sleep and babies.

I just have to share this adorable little scenario from one of my favorite nursery-inspiration blogs: Lay Baby Lay. You must check out this adorable blog!

All images from Lay Baby Lay. I  SO see myself being just like this gal–especially her last comment!

It’s SO hard to know what it will be like when your little one arrives… and that’s pretty much all I think about these days. And it’s clear from parents who’ve gone before us that SLEEP is *the* issue… I’ve been reading up on the subject… there are SO many opinions… Currently reading: Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child. It’s main point: babies and children need lots of sleep (way more than I would have thought) and obviously the whole family is MUCH happier when they do get that sleep. And there are lots of signs that a baby is tired and when you see these signs, you have to put the baby down RIGHT away or they’ll be over tired and no longer able to fall asleep. Moms reading, were there any particular sleep books or methods you prescribed to?

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8 responses to “Sleep and babies.

  1. All the theories are fine for older babies — but a new baby needs one thing — to be with Mama! After that, you might get lucky and have a baby who’s no trouble, so why worry now?

  2. Love that book — worked really well for us! The best advice I’ve heard is “Never wake a sleeping baby.” Don’t worry about getting baby on a schedule — that will work itself out.

  3. I used a mix of Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Baby and Babywise! I highly recommend them both! Given is such a good sleeper, and it makes a world of difference – not to mention that Omar and I get are own alone time after he goes to bed. Like you mentioned, it is so important that they get plenty of sleep. It’s hard for me as a working mom, since I only get to be with him for about 1.5 after work before he goes down for the night, but in the end I want to do what’s best for him. I have an email from a friend summarizing Babywise if you want me to forward it! Good luck and congratulations on Baby L!!!!!!

  4. ha, you’re right sleep is the top issue! I was so confused about all the methods and books. It was a chaotic time and it feels like it goes on forever at the time, but it really does NOT. The main advice I remember is from dear old Dr. Spock: be cheerful, calm and firm. . . but I guess that applies to older babies.
    Now we are cheerful, calm and firm about bedtimes and naptimes. Our kids are champion sleepers and they know better than to come down before 7am or get out of bed at night unless there is a reason.

  5. This may sound crazy, but I stayed away from books as much as possible…I would go into Borders looking for “the book” and would be so overwhelmed by the amount of advice out there that I decided to go on the theory that a lot of it is intuitive. Now, that said, I do have a small canon of literature on my shelves, but mostly the general reference type books that you can consult for multiple issues. But, that’s also not to say that some of the books are useful. Has any one system of sleep jumped out at you?

  6. I like “Solving Your Child’s Sleep Problems” by Dr. Ferber. Lots of good info in that book, particularly the chart indicating how much sleep and in what increments is appropriate at each age. That chart is sooo helpful. I have it taped to my fridge. It was also REALLY helpful when Jack had night terrors briefly about a year ago.

  7. oh, also, cute post. 🙂 so true…

  8. Just take a nap when baby is napping during the day,hopefully baby will sleep
    For while and then maybe you get something done after your nap! In the middle of the night, take turns getting up with your hubbie!

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