Friday’s proverb: Books.

Good morning everyone! I think it’s high-time we start a little tradition here on HK Housewife. I adore traditions, always have, always will. I think it’s why I went to Notre Dame–they may be horrible at football, but they’ve got tradition down pact.

So here it is… every Friday (could be my Friday or could be yours if I’m slacking!) we’re going to look at a Chinese proverb. Today’s is:

“A book holds a house of gold.”

It’s not surprising that the Chinese believe education is the key to success. It’s a bit sad to think about how hard all the Chinese kids are working in school here to get ahead–many go six days a week and stay until after 5pm–while ours at home fall apart.

On a lighter note, the most beautiful photo ever:

So as it turns out, Nigella Lawson’s books are literally in a house of gold! Despite my love of the Kindle, in my dream house I will have a library just like this one. I am not the neatest person. I think genius thrives in a little bit of chaos and I still believe in good, old fashioned books–especially cookbooks! My favorite childhood memory is going through all of my Aunt Steph’s cookbooks–she has a legitimate library with a whole wall dedicated to cookbooks and every night when I stayed with her I would take a couple down to read in bed. From House & Garden (R.I.P) by way of the NeoTraditionalist, sent over to me by Katherine–thank you! If you haven’t checked out Katie’s great blog, you should pop over there and take a look.

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6 responses to “Friday’s proverb: Books.

  1. I heard a story on NPR not too long ago about China’s version of Disney’s “High School Musical”. Basically, the movie flopped MAJORLY. They had to alter the film so that it took place at a college, not high school, since realistically speaking, there is no possible way a high school student in China would actually have time to take part in the practice and rehearsals involved with a musical production, considering the amount of time that is spent at school and on academics. With China’s booming film industry, it seemed like a good idea but the reality is that American and Chinese adolescent’s way of life are so different that it is almost impossible to relate.

  2. It is so sad, but all kids here do is literally work! And it made me think… what could they possibly come up with to write about on their college aps other than studying? Well, scratch that thought because unless they’re applying to American schools, entry is entirely based on test scores.

  3. what a great photo! I love Nigella. and oh yes, I adore books.

  4. I could die in that room and would probably think I was in heaven. I need to go read now…sorry.
    Love, Karen

  5. Great room, I can sure see you having a room like that someday in your house. You always loved your books, you would fall asleep when you were younger than two years old with picture books all over your bed. One wasn’t enough!!
    Reading has always been your outlit!

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