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New baby girl rose cupcakes.

My good friend just gave birth to a little baby girl at Matilda–read more about that hospital/hotel here! I wanted to bring a little something special to the hospital that celebrated that it was a girl… they wanted it to be a surprise and EVERYONE had been telling her it was a boy as she was carrying quite small and very in front.

I was so excited that this new method of decorating from Glorious Treats. As it turns out, all you need to make a rose is a Wilton 2D tip… instead of frosting from outside swirling in towards the center, you start on the inside and go to the outside. I also used her version of cream cheese frosting (note the butter comes out of the fridge just ten minutes before and the cream cheese is straight from the fridge). I think because of the humidity here I had to add 1.5x the powdered sugar called for, but otherwise it was a great frosting to work with. The adorable card is from The Social Type and features a beautiful foil embossed seal!

Note: my airplane trays bought for my travel party are SO useful!

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Everything but the kitchen sink, part six.

  • Istanbul. I really want to go here, especially after seeing all of House to Haus‘s pictures… the tile alone looks amazing!

  • Read: The Luxury Frontier. Mongolia is another crazy place a little closer to us that I really want to visit. Who doesn’t want to witness a gold rush in action? The article talks about how gold and other mineral deposits have brought Louis Vuittons to this formerly nomadic society to serve a mere 1,000 nouveau riche. It also mentions that Mongolia has the best cashmere in the world, which I’d love to buy straight from the herders as the Chinese often mix it with fillers. In the picture below you can see super modern buildings above an ancient monastery in the capital city of Ulan Bator.

  • Yellow bee hive cake. I wish we lived closer so I could make this for my father-in-law, who is a beekeeper.

Found on the always inspirational Lindsey Bee. Speaking of which…

  • Asia travel maps! Lindsey makes these to commemorate people’s travels… what a wonderful souvenir that you can hang on your wall!

  • Lilly Pulitzer does furniture. I think every table should have a drawer. I hate to say this, but this looks like the perfect type of thing to have copied in Shenzen.

  • Carrot pitcher. Can one ever have two many pitchers for flowers, water, iced tea, lemonade, or cocktails? I think not.

  • Iced Coffee. Darcy inspired me to refrigerate some coffee and freeze some coffee ice cubes = the perfect way to combat steamy Hong Kong!

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Everything but the kitchen sink, part five.

Oh my goodness!! There is just so much going on right now–this will be a long post!

  • Chinese Billionaire Tells Wife Via Twitter He Is Leaving Her. Chinese billionaire Wang Gongquan announced on the social media website that he was leaving his wife for his mistress, according to the Daily Mail. “I am giving up everything and eloping with Wang Qin. I feel ashamed and so am leaving without saying goodbye. I kneel down and beg forgiveness,” he Tweeted. The scandal has left the billionaire a laughingstock in China, according to the Daily Mail. The Wall Street Journal reports that Gongquan’s Twitter post was re-tweeted 60,000 times in 24 hours.
  • My Hong Kong. This gorgeous woodblock print book would make a great gift for kids here and back home. I love how it captures so many iconic Hong Kong scenes. Mention Yummy Mummy and buy 5 copies of the book at the regular price (HK$180 per book) and get one book free.  Each book is signed by the author, and you’ll get free local delivery in Hong Kong. Total cost for six signed books delivered to your door: HK$900 (17% off the retail price).

  • New restaurant gimmick. Like the rest of the yuppies of the world, I appreciate a “new” restaurant concept as at this point, they’re hard to come by. A Conflict Restaurant in Pittsburg that only serves food from whatever country we’re at blows with at that moment. They switch the country every four months. Discovered on the always lovely and inspiring StephModo. Currently being served: cuisine from Afghanistan. Next up: North Korea + Venezuela. I love how much you learn about a culture from its food and I love the way this makes current events a little more accessible.

  • Patterned curtains. I love these curtains! They remind me of my mother-in-law’s in her dining room, which I love. Grosgrain Fabulous has a whole tutorial on how to make them yourself.

  • DVF does maternity. She’s got a few nice pieces–the wrap dress seems to make a lot of sense with an expanding tummy. Can’t imagine a newly pregnant lady would turn one of these down!

  • Get your grill on. Yummy Mummy did a nice round-up of places to grill outdoors in Hong Kong–a great idea for people who want to entertain but don’t have the space to host people at home.

“Many see China’s rise in political, economic and military terms. But the Chinese renaissance is in its essence a moral and intellectual challenge to the modern world.”

“Ordinary Chinese people enjoy as wide a range of personal liberties as those anywhere in the Western world. But those with political aspirations contrary to the collective objectives of the state and society are severely constrained, even repressed.”

  • Read: The War Against Girls. Since the late 1970s, 163 million female babies have been aborted by parents seeking sons. Today in India there are 112 boys born for every 100 girls. In China, the number is 121—though plenty of Chinese towns are over the 150 mark. In her new book, Mara. Hvistendahl argues that, not surprisingly, these imbalances lead to very unstable and highly violent societies–men need us ladies to keep them both happy and in line. I really appreciate her initial premise, but it seems like her reasoning gets quite skewed when she starts making political arguments, like making it illegal to find out the sex of your baby beforehand, while allowing abortion to remain legal.

“The dual-career issue remains the No. 1 reason for refusing assignments.”

“Some 20 years ago, financial compensation packages for expatriate families were more robust, with higher salaries and other perks like drivers, club memberships and first-class airfare for home leave so a spouse could afford not to work. Today, while packages are lower over all, “companies are being more proactive” in helping spouses find work, Ms. McNulty said.”

“More than 80 percent of those not working wanted to work, and those who worked were found to be more likely to report a positive impact on adjustment, family relationships, and general heath and well being. They were also more willing to complete or extend current assignments or to go on new assignments than nonworking spouses.”

“A failed relocation or early return can cost about $1 million. That figure is multiplied with group moves, which are on the rise, Ms. Marshall said.”

  • Golden Gate Proposal. If you made it to the end of the post, I feel the need to reward you with these awesome pics. How in the world did he get permission to do this?

He was smart enough to tie the ring to a string! San Fran I do miss you! Discovered on Cup of Jo.

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Everything but the kitchen sink, part four.

  • Model Martha. I had no idea that Martha Stewart used to be a model… for Chanel among others. Discovered this surprising factoid on Sensibly Luxe.

  • Up. Have you seen the real recreation of the house floating from balloons from ‘Up’? It’s so fun! Spotted on Ten Thousand Places.

  • Eva Braun. Crazy, personal, never-before-released photos of Hitler’s mistress (the one who killed herself with him). Surprised to see that Hitler’s love appeared to be quite fun–and even practiced yoga!

  • Homemade bagels, croissants, goldfish, graham crackers, and granola bars! I had no idea this was even possible, until my kindred spirit Darcy starting chronicling her kitchen adventures (as well as other fun things) on her new blog Garden of Eden. Hong Kong has no good bagels to speak of (even though Press Room imports them daily from New York… it’s still a 17-hour-flight, so how fresh can they really be?) so I think I may try those first!

  • Simple chocolate cake video. Today was kind of a depressing day… after a nice day yesterday, we’re back to lots of grey. BUT this cheery recipe video from Elephantine turned my mood right around. I can’t wait to try this simple dessert! Yay for desserts without layers, frosting, or crazy multiple steps. Make sure you turn the volume up for the happy music.

Image from Elephantine.

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Everything but the kitchen sink, part three.

  • Cake Cutter-and-Server-in-One. I do always find it a bit clumsy when you are about to cut a beautiful cake and you have to get out a big knife and a server, which is where the Magisso Cake Serve–it’s both in one. Check out the video here. I’ve ordered one to test it for myself and will report back. I am wondering if moist cakes will want to stick to this little device–and then how do you wipe down the inside? Design Story–a new design centric–flash sale site is selling them for $15 through the 23rd.

  • Egg Waffles. Speaking of extraneous kitchen gadgetry, Hong Kong is so hot that even Williams & Sonoma is trying to ride the wave with their Egg Waffle Pan. Check out this article if your HK kitchen won’t bear another kitchen device and you’re looking for a good place to get ’em on the street.

  • Mapkins. I love maps. I love napkins. How perfect are these?! Now I wish there was one for Hong Kong! They would be awesome for a going away party. Found on the always lovely Subtle Revelry. (By the way, Victoria is started a new mag soon!)

  • Oysters away. Not sure how this is possible, but a major oysterapocalypse is under way and most of the remaining reefs are in the US. Eater has a map of the best places to get your shuck on in the States. Found on ten thousand places. I can personally vouch for all three SF locales (Swan’s Oyster Bay Depot was right next to the Mr.’s apt and their raw seafood bowl is the best way to start the day… here we are visiting with his sis Deirdre last spring. If you are ever in SF you have to go!)

  • Christian Dior for girls. Every designer is smartly going after the little-ones market and Christian Dior is no exception. You know they’ve nailed kids when you want them to make the clothes in your size. I couldn’t agree more with Full House, where I found this, that Target needs to copy this, stat! Images are from and clothes are available through Children’s Salon.

  • Google Art Project. Where won’t Google go? They’ve now gone to art museums all over the world and made them available to everyone, which is really pretty cool. You can actually walk through a museum, stand in front of a painting, and then zoom into areas of interest. I am hankering to go to Russia, so I just took a jaunt through the Hermitage… Rembrandt’s Return of the Prodigal Son is pretty awesome. And try zooming in on all of the little critters on this peacock clock. And, yes, this confirms that I do need to go to Russia… I think previewing museums through this new tool ahead of time is a great way to plan your attack.

(Image: Telegraph)

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