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Reader’s Query, Shower games: How well does the Bride-to-be know her Groom-to-be?

I am not a big game person. I know, I know… I wish I was. But I’m just not. Even at showers… I like to keep it to one or two games. One game I do really love is when you ask the groom a bunch of questions beforehand and then the bride has to guess his responses. Everyone always enjoys getting to know the couple more and it keeps the focus on the bride which is most important! Guests, like me, love it because we get to just sit and listen.

On my post about a purple lace shower I co-hosted, Natalie wrote in asking for the questions we asked the groom. I’ve been to a couple of showers in the last six months and we played this game at both of them… so I emailed the lovely gals who put the questions together and combined their list so you can pick and choose. Perhaps it will be a nice resource to you when you’re planning a shower. A big thank you to Kate and Laura for their great questions. Readers, please comment with your additions of fun questions and then we’ll all have a complete list!! Spoiler alert: If you’re not yet married, you probably shouldn’t read through this list…

  • Name “The Groom” ’s favorite team:
    • Football
    • Soccer
    • Baseball
    • Basketball
    • Hockey
  • Who is his favorite baseball player of all time?
  • Where did you go on your first date?
  • What is his least favorite chore?
  • What was “The Groom” ’s first job?
  • What year did “The Groom” graduate from high school?
  • Where was “The Groom” born?
  • Does “The Groom” wear boxers or briefs?
  • How does “The Groom” take his coffee?
  • Name one of “The Groom” ’s favorite TV shows.
  • What physical feature of yours does “The Groom” like the best?
  • What is “The Groom” ’s dream car?
  • What is “The Groom” ’s shoe size?
  • What is “The Groom” ’s pant size?
  • What is “The Groom” ’s height?
  • What is the name of “The Groom” ’s prom date?
  • Name all of the sports “The Groom” played in high school.
  • What was the first car “The Groom” drove?
  • How old was he when he had his first kiss?
  • What teen-idol poster did he have taped to his bedroom wall?
  • What is “The Groom” ’s current boss’s name?
  • What is “The Groom” ’s title at work?
  • What’s his favorite piece of his wardrobe?
  • What was “The Groom” wearing when you met?
  • What is one of his favorite “City you live in” restaurants?
  • What is his favorite breakfast food?
  • What is his favorite beer?
  • What super power would he like to have?
  • What is his mother’s maiden name?
  • Name one of “The Groom” ’s favorite movies .
  • How many times has he broken a bone?
  • Where was your first kiss?
  • What did you do on your 1st valentines as a couple?:
  • When would “The Groom” say he really fell in love with you?
  • Name one of “The Groom” ’s nicknames for you.
  • Name one of your nicknames for “The Groom”.
  • What is his favorite pizza topping?
  • What professional sport would he love to play?
  • What would his number be if he played a professional sport?
  • What is “The Groom” ’s favorite color?
  • What is his favorite music group?
  • Who is “The Groom” ‘s celebrity crush?
  • What color is his toothbrush?
  • Name something “The Groom” is afraid of?
  • Has “The Groom” ever been on TV and why/when?
  • What is “The Groom”’s favorite cocktail?
  • What flavor of ice cream is he most likely to order?
  • What heritage/background would “The Groom” say he is.
  • What was the best meal “The Groom” cooked for you?
  • What is your favorite meal “The Bride” has cooked for you?
  • What was the name of “The Groom” ’s first pet?
  • Name all of the places where “The Groom” has lived.
  • What is his most prized possession?
  • What President is on the $5 dollar bill? Did “The Groom” get this right?
  • Does “The Groom” still have his wisdom teeth?
  • What is “The Groom” ’s favorite kind of cake?
  • How many siblings does “The Groom” ‘s mother have?
  • Does “The Groom” prefer:
    • Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks
    • Coke or Pepsi?
    • McDonalds or Burger King
    • Vanilla or Chocolate
  • Name “The Groom” ’s siblings’s first and middle names in age order:
  • What country would “The Groom” be a monarch in?

As far as what the bride has to do when she gets it wrong… I like when she has to chew multiple pieces of bubble gum. Other fun ideas?

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Reader’s query: Lined children’s stationery.

We’ve had a couple fun reader’s queries lately and today we have another one!

“I was talking to my mother who wants my little sister to work on her handwriting (I showed her your post on your handwriting kit :)) and we were thinking that letter writing would be a fun way for her to do that.  Soo I am looking for lined children’s stationery, and I just knew you would have some good ideas!”

Of course, working for Minted, I want to recommend a few of our cards.

Bloomer Children’s stationery from Minted by Kelly Nasuta. Folk Floral by Laura Hankins. (Nice subtle lines.)The grid here provides enough guidelines for a slightly older child. Gramercy by the Social Type.

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Reader’s Query: Traveling shoes

Here at HKH, we’re always thrilled to try to help out our readers so please feel free to email with any questions you may have about expat life, China, gift giving, cookery, travel… etc. We’re always happy to help and if I don’t know the answer I know a lot of ladies who probably do!

Q: “It’s apparent that you do a fair share of overseas traveling and touring, and we are preparing for a 3-week trip to Europe this fall. I expect to do a lot of walking as we tour, so my question for you is: Do you have a particular style/brand of shoes that you would recommend for comfortable touring? Obviously, I could wear running shoes, but I’d like to avoid something so clunky, as it will be autumn in Europe and I’m hoping to wear some dresses with leggings and sweaters, cropped pants, and occasionally jeans. Any advice you can give is appreciated!”

Nothing can ruin a good trip quicker than a bad pair of shoes! And nothing takes up more room in your suitcase than a bunch of shoes.

I had a pretty big toe surgery three years ago and my surgeon stressed that there is no better investment you can make in life than a quality pair of shoes. Taking his advice (and still cruching along) I went to Nordstroms determined not to get another pair of flimsy, unsupportive (Tory Birch, yes, I’m talking to you) flats. I asked the helpful sals gal and she said that Attilio Giusti Leombruni shoes are the most comfortable and supportive flats ever made. I think the reason they are so good for your feat is that they have a real heel, a real sole and the heel area (which so often gives me blisters) in lined with really supple leather that breathes and also absorbs moisture.

I bought a basic black pair which I wear about five days a week. I walk a ton here in Hong Kong up and down the hills so I just have them shined and re-soled every six or nine months.

I wore the black ones so often that I got really tired of them so I bought this fun white and orange pair for this summer. I brought them with me on my last trip to the States and I planned my entire wardrobe around them… if I couldn’t wear my dress/skirt/pants/top with them, then I didn’t bring it! It’s nice to have a signature packing item to coordinate around. (And, yes, I’m still obsessing over orange.)

I really believe in investing in comfortable shoes (and I have really wide feet) so I own just a few quality pairs. And I honestly believe that you could survive your whole trip to Europe with one awesome pair of flats. This “barley combo” would be great for a summer trip.

This snakeskin option is a little fancier, but the perforated sides are great for breathability. By the way, I’m not the only one nuts for AGLs–Feather Factor shares my enthusiasm–and has a cute pair of leopard print flats.

They do say that when wearing leather shoes that you should alternate them (men: pay attention here!) meaning don’t wear the same pair over and over so they have time to air out.

Two summers ago when we were in Europe I survived on these Bensimons. A much more reasonably priced option than the AGLs, they have a really supportive rubber sole, pack down flat, and went with everything I packed. The cotton lets your foot breathe. And if you get caught in some mud, you can just throw them in the wash.

If you have room, I would recommend a nice pair of flats to wear both touring and to fancier things, street tennies, and some flip flops just because they take up so little room.

I think Cole Haan makes really comfortable shoes, so that’s another place to try and they’re having a big summer sale right now–these are both on sale and have Nike Air technology.

Readers, do you have any other good shoe tips to pass along to our friend in need of good traveling shoes?

I hope you have a wonderful trip to Europe and please send HKH some pics!!

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Reader’s Query: Going away gift

Here at HKH, we’re always thrilled to try to help out our readers so please feel free to email with any questions you may have about expat life, China, gift giving, cookery, domestic life… etc. We’re always happy to help and if I don’t know the answer I know a lot of ladies who probably do!

Q: I was wondering if you would be able to assist me in suggesting a good going away gift for one of my dear friends who is moving to Hong Kong at the end of the month. To put some parameters on the discussion he is a very meat and potatoes blue collar guy (he’s a mechanic by trade) who fell in love with a wonderful women from HK and is moving over there to be together with her. That being said he has a strong interest in the outdoors and cars. I am looking for the gift to be somewhat functional more than symbolic. I was trying to do some research on what American ex-pats wish they could have brought from home (if they knew it wouldn’t be available of difficult to come by) and couldn’t really find anything. I was thinking a creature comfort from home (the Boston Massachusetts) but in speaking with people familiar with HK it appears that you can get 90% of what is available in the US in Hong Kong. So any insight into the matter would be appreciated. Thanks very much!

–American TV. Offer to set up a Slingbox in your home for him so he can see all of his favorite television from Hong Kong.

–Sports on Demand. One of the things the Mr. misses most about the US is sports. Luckily, and both have a great subscription service. This could be a great way for your friend to stay in touch with the Pats and the Red Sox. Even if you are getting up early to watch or running a second screen at work with the game on while going through your morning email.

–A magazine subscription. While you can find most US magazines in HK, they retail at about $12 US each, which seriously curbs that habit. Lots of magazines do ship internationally, although not through Amazon. (All Conde Nast title do… Vanity Fair, for example is $68 / year.) You probably have a better idea of his favorite magazine, but simply do a little research and he’ll be thinking of you and thanking you every month!

–A New England care package. Although it is true that you can find much of the same foods and brands that you love in the U.S., that doesn’t mean they aren’t sold here at a ridiculous price. Given your New England roots, I would recommend sending your friend on his adventure with a New England care package filled with things that are expensive or hard to find here in HK. Here are my top picks: maple syrup, salt water taffy, Necco wafers, Swedish fish, and anything at all (Trail mix, granola bars, etc.) from Trader Joe’s.
–Doctor’s Kit. One of the things you just cannot find is the American brands of drugs, like Tylenol and Advil, that we’re used to back in the States so that is one thing I stock up on when I’m home.

–A Kindle. Books are tough to get a hold of in Hong Kong and expats travel a ton because it’s so easy and accessible and there is nothing better for keeping luggage compact than the Kindle. It’s also worth noting that while there are plenty of authorized Apple distribution shops around town where you can buy the iPad for instance, Hong Kong is not currently served by an Amazon distribution center. The cost of the Kindle has also come down to $130 making it a more likely gift possibility.

HK Books: Finally, some literature to both get him inspired and educate him on his new home. For a guy’s guy, I recommend: Mao: The Unknown Story, Shogun, TaiPan, and Noble House.

–Steak in his new home. You mention that your friend is a ‘guy’s guy.’ If so, it might be fun to get him a gift certificate to a great new restaurant in his new home that reminds him of the guys back at home. The Mr. can’t stop talking about the Bistecca Steakhouse in SoHo. He recommends ordering your steak Chicago style. The Steakhouse is right in the heart of LKF, the main area of the ‘going out’ area of the city and the steaks are not cheap so it would be both a good introduction to his new town as well as a special treat. The restaurant is owned by Dining Concept Ltd. And you can order a gift card here.
–Australian steaks. You could order some delicious steaks for him to cook up upon arrival from either Epicure Direct or Pacific Gourmet.

–A Gus Passport holder. We’re giving away one tomorrow morning so stay tuned!

A HK hiking guide. Hong Kongers are all about hiking so a nice guide might be helpful.

–Key club membership. Now I have no idea how close of a friend this is, but if he is your very best friend in the world or you have a few buddies looking to go in on a gift and if he happens to like going out to classy joints, and you really want to do something special for him, I would recommend a year-long membership to the super chic Kee Club. You can apply / purchase online here.

Readers, do you have any other great ideas to add to the list?

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