Chinese flag.

So I wrote a little last week about the Hong Kong flag and how it made its way into my new banner, which made me wonder about the Chinese Flag and the five stars that are also in the SAR (Special Administrative Region)’s flags.


So talk about different cultural values! The four smaller stars represent the four classes of China (the working class, the peasantry, the urban petty bourgeoisie and the national bourgeoisie. They are all united under the Communist party (big star). I’m a bit confused as I thought the whole point of communism was that there were no classes?

A little history: In 1949, the Communist party had a competition for the flag design and Zeng Liansong won for this design. One of the requirements for submissions was prominent use of the color red, which stands for revolution. Liansong was inspired by the Chinese proverb “longing for the stars, longing for the moon.”

Hong Kong:


As for the Macau flag, the lotus flower is featured over the Carvalho bridge, which is a famous bridge linking Macau to Taipa island.

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4 responses to “Chinese flag.

  1. I have to say that the HK graphic is whimsical, attractive, and very appealing to my feminine side which is pretty much the only side I have. Kind of like “dance revolution” if you must revolution.
    I love how you put it in your header!

  2. Interesting to know about the stars… and by “interesting” I mean “appalling.”

  3. Agreed! It is a pretty flag. And, yes Deirdre! Isn’t it beyond appalling??!?

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