Chinese New Year’s Limoge gifts.

Chinese New Year is just around the corner and when looking for a commemorative gift, I always think of Limoges. This Chinoiserie Rabbit is perfect for this year where we’re seeing bunnies everywhere, while the Tangerine is lucky here in China any time of year… in fact, there are now tangerine sculptures all over town. Here are some shots of the Mr.’s lobby:

I hope we get to eat all of these fruits after New Year’s has past?!

But back to the Limoges… I just love that they are hand painted and that there is always a surprise inside.

Limoges also have their roots in China because they are made from porcelain, which the Chinese invented. Marco Polo discovered it in China, where he named it porcelain–Latin for seashell.  The purest kaolin (a clay mineral that is the secret ingredient in porcelain) mine in Europe was discovered in Limoge in 1765, hence the name for these delightful objects.

I love them so much I’ve started a little collection for my SIL — I get her one for her birthday or Christmas every year that has something to do with what she is loving right then, like a puppy for when she got her dog, or a typewriter for all of the writing she actually did for awhile on an actual typewriter, which I just thought was so cool!

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One response to “Chinese New Year’s Limoge gifts.

  1. She would still type if we could find a ribbon for the thing…
    She loves it. And her little typewriter porcelain box is right there next to it!
    You are so thoughtful.

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