Doubling down on SIM cards.

Yep, there’s not one, but two SIM cards in this phone. Why you ask?

  • The Chinese didn’t want to pay lots of royalties on the existing mobile technology standards so they created their own — called TD-CDMA — and then had their largest carrier (by far) China Mobile adopt it so that it could be guaranteed to have a market
  • The problem is that the technology sucks and doesn’t work well for 3G so you can only get crap internet data access on China Mobile
  • But EVERYONE is on China Mobile, it has ridiculously good and widespread 2G coverage for voice calls, and there is no number portability in China so no one wants to give up their china mobile phone/number
  • As a result, now people are either carrying two phones and/or getting these new phones that can use two SIM cards…one for China Mobile voice and one for China Unicom or Telecom data service

It’s interesting how government interference can result in an inferior consumer product. Don’t you think it would be super annoying to have two phone bills? On the other hand, AT&T seems to drop so many calls state-side maybe it’s an option people wish they had. We’re quite fortunate in the US to be able to take our number with us when we switch carriers.

Coming next week: a very cool *free* downloadable chart to help you know when to call your loved ones abroad. Stay tuned! And don’t forget to enter our blocks giveaway.

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