Everything but the kitchen sink, part six.

  • Istanbul. I really want to go here, especially after seeing all of House to Haus‘s pictures… the tile alone looks amazing!

  • Read: The Luxury Frontier. Mongolia is another crazy place a little closer to us that I really want to visit. Who doesn’t want to witness a gold rush in action? The article talks about how gold and other mineral deposits have brought Louis Vuittons to this formerly nomadic society to serve a mere 1,000 nouveau riche. It also mentions that Mongolia has the best cashmere in the world, which I’d love to buy straight from the herders as the Chinese often mix it with fillers. In the picture below you can see super modern buildings above an ancient monastery in the capital city of Ulan Bator.

  • Yellow bee hive cake. I wish we lived closer so I could make this for my father-in-law, who is a beekeeper.

Found on the always inspirational Lindsey Bee. Speaking of which…

  • Asia travel maps! Lindsey makes these to commemorate people’s travels… what a wonderful souvenir that you can hang on your wall!

  • Lilly Pulitzer does furniture. I think every table should have a drawer. I hate to say this, but this looks like the perfect type of thing to have copied in Shenzen.

  • Carrot pitcher. Can one ever have two many pitchers for flowers, water, iced tea, lemonade, or cocktails? I think not.

  • Iced Coffee. Darcy inspired me to refrigerate some coffee and freeze some coffee ice cubes = the perfect way to combat steamy Hong Kong!

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6 responses to “Everything but the kitchen sink, part six.

  1. Hi Natasha! Anne Kwiatt sent me your blog and I love reading it everyday! Love your 4th of July inspirations on the minted blog too – I really appreciate when bloggers contribute daily content. Something great to look forward to every morning!

  2. Natasha – You absolutely have to go to Istanbul. You can wander around looking at tile while eating kebabs. What could be better? So glad you found my blog that it has inspired you to visit a new city! Love your blog as well – have been following since I spotted it on Darcy’s.

    • Thanks for reading Talley! Have been enjoying your blog since you first commented on mine. Isn’t Darcy the greatest?

  3. Natasha, I could totally see you making that fabulous cake! How beautiful. I was in SF last weekend and wish we could have seen you and the Mr.

  4. Tash, let me know before you plan your trip to Istanbul, my maternal Grandmother and family live there (native, yes I have Turkish roots) and between all of the family that has gone back to visit over the years, we can give great recommendations. Plus contact numbers, it is always good to have the contact number of a local that speaks english where ever you go, whether you need it or not.

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