Gina and Chris’s Guo Da Li.

Gina and Chris, great friends of mine from San Francisco, are getting married in September and the groom’s parents are from Hong Kong so they threw them a very traditional Guo Da Li back in Piedmont, California.

Gina and Chris are high school sweethearts who grew up down the street from one another. Here, you can see Chris’s relatives (but not his parents) carrying gifts up to Gina’s parent’s home.

Ironically, it’s from friends back home that I learned so much about traditional Chinese marriage customs. The Lees put together a very helpful and well done brochure to explain all of the traditions.

Here Chris arrives with gifts for Gina’s mom.

Gina’s parents weren’t exactly up for live chickens being delivered, so they gave lai see or red envelopes with money in them instead. Isn’t it awesome that Gina & Chris are being given a bedroom set?! And I know Gina’s brother Andrew was very excited about his new shoes.

Red (if you haven’t yet noticed) is the luckiest color for the Chinese. Traditionally, Chinese brides wear red, but that is changing… now brides will often just wear red for the tea ceremony.

That evening, they went to the ‘Hong Kong East Ocean Seafood Restaurant’ of all places for a nice dinner. Gina wore a beautiful qipao–doesn’t she look stunning?

I love how weddings bring together two very different families–and sometimes two very different cultures as well.

I’m a big sucker for tradition of any kind, but I think this way for parents to meet and express their appreciation for their children’s union is especially nice. And it looks like a lot of fun, too!

Chin-chin, Gina and Chris!!

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One response to “Gina and Chris’s Guo Da Li.

  1. Great post–I just wish you could’ve been there! It was a very fun and informative day. ­čÖé I’m so lucky to have such welcoming in-laws!

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