Lucky wedding day.

While we were all enjoying our weekend, hundreds of couples were rushing to the altar to tie the knot on Sunday, a perfectly square date, or 10.10.10. October 10, 2010 is referred to here as “shi quan shi mei,” or “perfect in every way.” 138 marriages were performed in Hong Kong–the city’s maximum capacity. Triple ten, was apparently the luckiest day since 07.07.07. 127 couples got married on 09.09.09, another lucky date. Lots of couples also tied the knot on Valentine’s day last year, which was also the first day of the Lunar calendar.

Brides here by the way wear a lot of red wedding dresses because red is also very lucky. Celebrity Kelly Chen, pictured above, wears red for her wedding at Hong Kong’s Intercontinental.

Since moving to HK, we’ve heard a lot of couples talk about their quest to find a lucky date for their wedding.  I’ve been surprised by how seriously many Western educated Hong Kongers take this. People make sure their wedding date contains lucky numbers (8 or 9, or its digits should add to one of those numbers. The number 8 is good luck for love and the number 9 implies eternity. So the 18th is a very popular date because it has both.) There are actually a lot of websites where you can also plug in the date and time of birth of both people and it will give you a good date for your signs. A lot of people even meet with a Feng Shui master who assesses both of their birth dates to determine if the match is even compatible and then usually comes up with two or three dates in the next few years that will be lucky for their marriage. People also don’t want to get married during Ghost Month, just ask my friend Gina whose Hong Kong-born mother-in-law forbade it.

Long story short; lucky numbers here in China go far beyond never having a fourth floor (four sounds a lot like the word death)! Although by the way, phone numbers here with the number four in them are very cheap as well. In fact, the Mr. was given an office number with a lot of fours in it by his New York-based IT team and he had to call them up and ask them to change it so people wouldn’t be afraid to call on him–pretty crazy, right?

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2 responses to “Lucky wedding day.

  1. Phil told us on the way to Mass Sunday that it was 10:10 on 10/10/10 and asked us when that would happen again!

    Answer: in twelve hours… 🙂

  2. That’s like some dumb IQ test — the sort I do not do so well on.

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