Porcelain vase hunt.

Before I left for the States, I was determined to find a great gift fr0m China for my friend Cory’s 30th birthday. I decided I wanted to get her an antique vase so I went on a little hunt! The tan vase featured prominently below is acutally the most valuable in the picture–it’s the oldest. Aren’t all the blue and white wares behind it fabulous?Some of the older things are quite lovely, but I’m much more drawn to brighter objects, which works out since they are much cheaper.
Many of these old vases and figurines were made for burial with the wealthy–kind of like the Egyptians.

You know, you want to take your servants with you…

So my personal favorite find of the day was this vase. Oooh I just love it! It’s hard to tell, but much of this is done in relief. I love the colors and the pomegranates. I think I could make this the focal point of a whole room! This is about 200 years old, so it’s old, but not really old.

Also, it’s just nuts how much stuff they jam into one room! Look at those little bowls balancing on top of a multi-thousand dollar vase–crazy.

I thought about these vases for Miss Cory:

The blue here was quite stunning.
This is a lotus flower–isn’t it unusual? It’s a really important symbol in China–it stands for sexual purity. You put flowers in all five of those shoots. I think this would work well with tulips or other flowers that flop over within 8 hours! I thought the birds and flowers on this one were quite lovely.

But in the end, I decided on this one because it features Cory’s beloved hot pink prominently and portrays domestic life in China… stacks of books, mirrors, paintings, incense burning… something about it’s domestic vibe just reminded me of the nice times us girls have spent cozied up in her apartment watching Glee and eating yummy food together. Happy Birthday Cory!

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3 responses to “Porcelain vase hunt.

  1. What a wonderful collection! Something few of us would get to see if you had not taken these lovely photos. Thanks!

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  3. Gorgeous vases, I am sure Cory will love the pink one!

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