Shoe valet.

Like many of you out there I am certain, I routinely struggle with what to get men in general for gifts… the Mr. and my Dad are pretty much impossible to shop for. But inspired by all of the street shoe shiners in HK, the Mr. came up with this great idea for his very good friend Alex’s 30th!

We figured Alex probably doesn’t have the luxury of being able to get his shoes signed for pennies like we do here (this Brit was nice enough to let me photograph him mid-shine). Plus Alex is a new (as of TODAY–a big congrats to Alex & Di on the arrival of Miss Alise Maria!) father and don’t you have just the nicest memories of your father or grandfather shining his shoes before a big meeting or wedding?

The valet we got for Alex was on the fancier side so even if he doesn’t end up shining his own shoes, it will still be a nice decorative item in his bedroom or entryway.

A little matching brush was included with bristles on two sides which seems very handy.

I really like the reinforced brass corners.

We got it from Starbay, the Mr.’s latest obsession… look for a post on them coming soon re: furniture purchased!

It came with a nice leather cloth sack so I decided to skip the wrapping paper and went with a nice, masculine brown bow.

In case you’re interested in a shoe valet that you can order easily from the Staes, I tracked down a few. I just love the idea of how the platform really helps you shine your shoes and the box is the perfect place to store your shine and supplies. It’s both functional and organizational!

1. Kiwi Shoe Valet ($46.95-Includes black and brown shine, brush, polish cloths, and sponges)

2. Brooks Brother’s Cedar Shoe Valet ($128-includes all the supplies) If you were wondering about the cedar wood choice here like I was… here’s the lowdown… you’ve probably seen cedar shoe trees so obviously this would be nice because it would match if you happen to have a few of those. But more importantly, the reason they use cedar with leather is that it wicks moisture, acid, and salt from shoes, preventing the leather from cracking. Finally, they have the nicest scent…  shoe polish and cedar together! Divine.

3. Black Hardwood Valet ($29.990-with supplies)

4. Esquire Valet ($9.99)

5. Cedar Valet ($40.52)

6. Vintage Esquire Valet with fun little man sketch ($28)

7. Ronson Valet ($20)

8. Rise ‘n Shine Valet *Bonus points for the cute name!* ($29.99)

9. Griffin Valet ($30.00)

And ladies out there… this goes for us, too. It’s a good idea to remember to polish our leather shoes often as well. They’ll last so much longer when the leather is protected.

By the way, I think this would make for a perfect holiday gift for that special guy in your life. ALSO, speaking of holiday gifts… and the holidays… which immediately makes me think of holiday cards… hop over to my MIL’s amazing blog to enter to win 150 FREE Minted holiday cards!

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6 responses to “Shoe valet.

  1. Hah! I was thinking a shoe valet might be a human!

  2. I had this amazing brain -wave myself a few years ago!! I gave Phil a shoe valet for his birthday, just in time for Thanksgiving, when he “polishes his shoes whether they need it or not.”
    I agree that it’s a good memory. I remember my father, an engineer and hence very meticulous and methodical — oh, you have NO IDEA — in his shoe-shining.
    And because of his obsessiveness towards all that relates to items and their proper care and use, I DO know that it makes our shoes last longer, so I put mine in the Thanksgiving queue also 😉

  3. this is a great gift idea for men! Thank you! My husband is such a minimalist, but I know he would like this.
    I have fond memories of my dad getting out the brushes and polish every Saturday night to get his shoes ready for Sunday church. He taught me how to polish my shoes and I do it whenever they look dry or rubbed. I enjoy it.

  4. My father has always had a shoe valet that he uses regularly. My husband simply declares a pair of shoes “worn out” when they become dull and heads to the store to purchase a new pair.

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  6. I remember as a kid watching my dad shine his shoes, he usually did it Saturday night before church or before a big event. I think he had a shoe valet.

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