Youku cake.

So the Mr. has been involved with Youku for a couple of years now… they are basically the YouTube of China, only they are an even bigger deal there because there is no real network TV. People produce sitcoms and soaps just for Youku for example. They just IPOed, which was very exciting! So the Mr. had his friend’s girlfriend, who has a bakery called CCSweets in Beijing, send the CEO this cake… it’s so cool I just had to share it with you!
The funny thing is the Chinese don’t like sweets so CC had to decrease the sugar amount by 75% in all of her cakes and cupcakes. Apparently that altered the chemistry of the recipe and she had to re-do everything, from the frosting to the batter. Here are a few other fun pictures of her creations!

Here is one she did for BitAuto’s IPO.

But you’re probably more interested in some of her less corporate projects… isn’t this an adorable cake for twins?

And, yes, the Chinese do know Thomas the Tank engine!

But, of course, they also love Hello Kitty.
And Nike Air!
And of course princesses are universal.

Isn’t this calligraphy painting pretty?

Here is a wedding cake… the repeated symbol in the center means ‘double happiness’ and is used often in anything related to weddings.
I think this is an aggressive ‘best wishes on your pregnancy’ cake!!

The Chinese adore foreign cars… despite the fact that they pay almost twice the price for imported cars because of the insanely high taxes, there are more fancy cars driving around Hong Kong than anywhere I’ve ever been. Isn’t it cool how she captured all of their logos on cookies?
Some little ones enjoying CC’s handiwork.

Here’s a picture of the talented artist behind it all! Now you know where to get a cupcake anytime you’re in Beijing.
I just adore this little bunny rabbit.

And something a little more seasonaly appropriate.

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5 responses to “Youku cake.

  1. Ohhh, those are so cute! Jack is super in to Thomas the Tank right now. He’s been running around the house yelling “My name’s Thomas! I’m the fastest engine in Sodor!!” Maybe I should make him a train cake. 🙂

  2. and i miss-spelled my name…

  3. Further proof that I live in the “country” on a road somewhere in southeast Alabama and should probably invest in a newspaper subscription or at least make a point to call my parents and talk about something other than the cute things my child is doing.

  4. Dear
    I’m from India . can you visit India?
    You know about Indian food ?
    5000 diffrent varaites of indian food
    I want from you is
    ‘ Egg less cupcake ‘
    If you make please share with me .


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