China in China on a card table.

Since the Mr. planned the honeymoon (I literally didn’t know where we were going until we showed up at the airport), we’re alternating who plans the anniversaries. We really like surprises and this way it’s clear who is in charge of what… so this year was my turn! I decided that it would be fun if we had our first meal in our apartment on our anniversary. Given that I forced the Mr. to schlep our wedding China all the way to China, I knew it had to be the star of the show.

The first issue is that, thanks to my ongoing deliberation, we don’t yet have a dining room table, or even a coffee table for that matter. I went to Ikea to try to find something, but couldn’t bite the bullet on something I didn’t love as cheap as it was, so I ended up buying a little card table with four stools for about $25 total US dollars. (I was very proud of myself for bargaining the lady down and this little table was way cheaper than anything I could find at Ikea and more stable as well.)

Luckily it was a super nice day so we could eat on the deck, which was what I was hoping for. A vintage tablecloth from my lovely sis-in-law Rosie really transformed the card table. It’s so fun to use your wedding gifts!

Aren’t the details lovely?

Forgive the ironing (or rather the lack thereof), I have yet to buy a UK adaptor iron. And no, it does not work to plug your US iron into an adapter… you need a converter as well or else you’ll end up with a little plume of smoke!

Then it was time to use one of my shower gifts from my dear friend Kelly.

This is such a great idea… it’s a basket of candles with a framed note telling you when to light which color candle during special occasions in your marriage.

These are the cream candlesticks for your first anniversary! It’s a perfect gift because you inevitably are given lovely candlesticks as wedding gifts… the ones here are from my dear friend Jen’s parents. I just love them!

And here we are with wedding china, glasses (we drank out of the champagne flutes at the wedding from my dear friend Andrea’s family).

I also was able to find the thistles that were featured in the Mr.’s boutonniere on our wedding so there is a little thistle on the table as well.ย The larger arrangement is inside because there wasn’t enough room on the table.

And this is my wedding recreation in the apt:

And here is how the table looked at 9pm when the Mr. finally escaped the office.

Not a bad view, right?

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19 responses to “China in China on a card table.

  1. Quite lovely–especially with the view!

    I think the candle basket is a great shower gift. Thanks for sharing the idea!

    –a loyal reader of your mother-in-law’s blog

  2. beautiful! and the candle basket is a wonderful shower idea. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Beautiful! You did a great job! I bet it wa a wonderful night. I love the candle basket…what a great gift!

  4. It looks beautiful and what a wonderful view. I’m glad you saved the view for the last picture.

  5. Happy Anniversary! I love your view – it reminds me of our first year of marriage in Tokyo (except that our view wasn’t nearly that great!).

    I popped over from Leila’s blog to say welcome to Asia! If you ever make a trip to the Tokyo area (we’re in the suburbs now) let me know if you have questions! I look forward to reading more about your adventure.

  6. Happy one year! Your table is lovely and I loved reading all your clever touches.

  7. Lovely table. And lovely wedding gift idea — I’m stealing it from your friend. Thanks for posting a picture of the poem. It would be a great gift to even include the candlesticks, too! Wish I’d gotten something like that!

    Another reader from your MIL’s blog — but I’ve enjoyed reading your posts now, too!

  8. Ooooh! Looks like fun! Happy anniversary!
    –from another reader of MIL’s blog. ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. Happy Anniversary! What a lovely and romantic table!

  10. Wow, the view and table are beautiful. Happy Anniversary!

  11. beautiful! i spent two summers in hong kong and LOVE it! have you gone to the beach yet? ridden on a junk? eaten dim sum! oh it’s so much fun. the shopping is unreal, as i’m sure you know (dust off those bargaining skills).
    congrats on your anniversary–what a place to celebrate! (i’ve also hopped over here from your mil’s blog)

    • Emily, thanks for your nice note. It’s so wonderful to talk with anyone who has spent time here. We do really love HK already… we actually went over to Stanley Beach on Sunday, but it was so hot we couldn’t really lay out like we planned on. But it was beautiful! And we did do one junk ride, which was just incredible. The water is so warm and relaxing… I am learning about the bargaining! Basically you have to always ask for a discount–no one has said ‘no’ so far when I’ve done that. But I have to admit I don’t really like bargaining, but it’s worth the savings.

  12. I have enjoyed your MIL’s blog for several years now and was happy to stop in and say hello. I LOVE your china and glassware. What pattern is it? The colors are stunning! Congratulations on your first wedding anniversary. May you be blessed with many, many more years of happiness.

    • Mary, thanks so much for stopping by and for your good wishes! I do love my China–it is Constance by Bernardaud. The glassware we went with was Vera Wang leaf, but the blue glasses here were a gift from my friend Andrea’s family and I’m not sure what they are other than beautiful!

  13. Natasha, your table looks fabulous. So much attention to detail – I am so impressed! Happy anniversary!

  14. Happy Anniversary. The view = incredible. Well done.

  15. I noticed the BASKET part of the candle basket. I got it as part of a shower gift as well. Mine was full of soaps and lotions, etc. But now it’s full of baby socks. Looks super cute in the nursrey!

  16. Wow. That is so lovely. I like the idea of the candle basket and note on when to light them!

    Visiting from your moms site, LMLD.
    What a lovely view.

  17. I should probably read your posts in chronological order . . . you definitely DID bring your wedding china to HK!! I can’t believe the way your view transforms from night to day!!

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