Fave new kitchen gadget: Batter dispenser.

Oh my goodness! I wish I had bought this 2,000 cupcakes ago…

If you make cupcakes often, you have to get this batter dispenser. It saves hours of spooning, wiping, and generally going insane. I think it is the best $14 I’ve ever spent. Even though I actually prefer to make cakes, I think people like cupcakes better… they’re less intimidating, don’t require cutlery and are just super cute. People–still years after the cupcake craze–go nuts for them!

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6 responses to “Fave new kitchen gadget: Batter dispenser.

  1. Did you buy this while you were in HK?

  2. I had to pop in and say that I frankly find cupcakes more intimidating to eat. How do you eat a cupcake and get cake and frosting in one bite without getting frosting all over your nose? You have to stretch your mouth to do it and they seem so much messier. Perhaps it’s just me?
    I do really like your batter dispenser and it certainly is easier to make them with it but really, how do you eat a cupcake graciously?

    • I actually complete agree with you Jamie! Cupcakes are a challenge to eat… but I think people still find them less intimidating than cake because they don’t have to commit to a plate and fork. Personally, I think a lot of people put too much frosting on cupcakes, which makes them impossible to eat graciously. When given a cupcake with mile-high frosting I try to make a cupcake sandwich, where I take the bottom half of the cupcake and put it on top of the frosting so I get a good cake to frosting ratio in every bite. Another option, is mini-cupcakes which are really bite-size.

      • Yes, but then you still have the crumbs in the front teeth situation. With a fork, you can land your bite in your mouth anywhere you wish. Since cupcakes have become such a fad, I haven’t seen anyone eat one. Not really since birthday parties when I was little have I seen masses of people handle cupcake- eating and the techniques involved in said activity. Maybe it’s like eating corn-on-the-cob–you just have to go for it and carry a compact!

  3. natashamlawler

    Yes, I think a compact is a good idea!

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