Food processor grating.

Until just recently, I never ever used the metal plates that come with your food processor, which is such a shame because they can be wonderfully helpful! Now I know it is a pain to get out the whole device, but so is grating, say a pound of cheddar cheese, so even with the clean up it can be a big time saver. Speaking of grating cheese for a great recipe, Cheddar Crisps with Roasted Grape Relish. So it doesn’t suggest using a food processor to grate the cheese, but it is perfect because you end up using the food processor to make the dough… After you’re done grating the cheese, you add flour, cayenne, and butter and it combines into a very easy to work with dough. You roll it out into a long skinny tube and then cut rounds to line a muffin tin. The resulting crisps are super sturdy unlike so many appetizers. And the cayenne gives them a surprising kick. The result of filling the muffin tins half way is that you have a nice little edge that holds the relish on. Yay for appetizers that really don’t require a plate or napkin! And while you have your food processor out, you might as well make some of the fluffiest berry shortbread you’ll ever taste. You basically make a dough, shape it into two balls, refrigerate it for a few hours and then grate the first ball. Then take your favorite jar of jam, put it in a plastic baggie… cut off one of the corners and squeeze the jam out onto the crumbles. Once I made this with my Mother-In-Law’s homemade and home grown strawberry rhubarb jam and it was honestly absolutely mind blowing… but we are now rationing her jam (and praying that we get more in our stockings this year) so this is store bought. Then you grate the next ball and RESIST the urge to pat down the crumblies… do not worry it will bake together and be light as a feather!

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  1. verrrry clever with the crisps. I must think of an occasion to showcase those.

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