Image from the super sweet and inspiring Two Ellie. On Saturday my next door neighbor and I threw a Rooftop White Party–pictures to come. It was so fun to do all the planning with her and everything went off without a hitch. The weather was especially kinds to us and we reveled into the wee hours of the morning! But as always happens the day after the party, once everything is cleaned and back in its place… I got the inevitable post-party-partum depression so this quote helped pick-me back up.

The Mr. has realized that this is a serious phenomenon so normally plans something to get me out of the house and otherwise distracted the day after a big party, but yesterday he was off to Seoul so I had to work through it alone. Luckily, I do have our bake sale for Japan next weekend! I suppose it’s the same way with completing any big project… only after a big deal you go out to drinks and a fun dinner, but what do you do after a party? The only cure I’ve found so far is to already have the idea for the next party in my head so I can work on that for a bit. Does anyone else experience this or are these just the confessions of a party planning addict?

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One response to “Post-party-partum.

  1. I have that feeling too and I’ve realized it’s because I’m TIRED!!! So I plan ahead to rest on the day after a party. Easy-going clean up taking my time, and time to read a little and take a nap.
    I will really have a breakdown if I push myself the day after a party!

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