Time for Corned Beef!

St. Patrick’s Day may still be three weeks away, but if you want to have homemade corned beef… now is the time to get it going!

I wanted to do the full, traditional meal of corned beef and cabbage, but was worried about where I would be able to find corned beef here–and then if I did find it I was sure it would be a fortune. So, I decided to make my own. Which is quite easy… all you need is to make a quick brine by boiling water and adding salt, sugar, and some herbs to it. Then you add the beef brisket to a pot that contains it well (I sliced my meat in half and put it in my crock pot) and then covered it in brine. Place in the fridge and flip the meat over every day or two. The hardest part about it is sacrificing fridge space. Two weeks later you’ll have corned beef!

In theory or if you live in the States, this should be a major money saver as brisket is an inexpensive cut, but we bought this at Grate where it wasn’t cheap, but it will feed a lot of people! I will report back on how our turned out. I used a combination between this recipe and Martha’s, depending on what herbs I had on hand.

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One response to “Time for Corned Beef!

  1. ohhhhh – I missed this post and now it’s too late! But actually, corned beef goes on sale here at St Paddy’s Day and I always get it for very cheap. I’ll have to see exactly what it is this year.
    I have no Irish connection at all, but LOVE a celebration. We always do a corned beef with vegetables, then I make Irish soda bread and we drink beer. One time I made apple crisp and put cream on top spiked with Irish whiskey. Good times.

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