AGA polka dot stove.

I have died and gone to heaven over this polka dot cast iron stove from AGA. This special edition by Emma Bridgewater was released in 2009 so I’m a little late to the party but couldn’t help but share it with you.

AGA‘s are anything but your typical oven / stove because they are actually on all the time AND there are no temperature dials. You lift up the insulating lids on the rangetop to get to your burners. Since its always on, they permanently release a nice warmth into your kitchen.

After I posted about my beloved La Cornue oven / ranges, two people emailed to let me know about this alternate European range with a history dating to 1709. The ovens are made by pouring molten iron (at a temp of 3,272 degrees F) into molds. After being filed down, the cast iron is covered with a vitreous enamel made from molten glass, clay and pigment that is bonded onto the iron to create a super tough, glossy finish. It’s all done by hand and takes three days.

Like La Cornue, they come in a really fun range of colors… or you can even have multiple colors per oven!

Their largest model goes for about 14k. I feel like since each oven is a different temperature you would really want the bigger model… one oven you would use for cookies, another for roasting, another still for Pizza?

But they do also have their companion cooker, which is perfect for small kitchens. It still has two ovens (one more than I currently have!) and four burners so would probably be just fine for most cooks. Although not using temperature would take some getting used to–you’d really have to adapt / feel out all your old recipes. I think our circa-1950 oven gives off really inconsistent heat (sometimes I think 350 is so hot and other times it feels like things will just not cook at that temperature), so perhaps its genius is in its iron-clad consistency.

Although its a UK-based company, it does appear that there are several American distributors, including the Charlotte, NC-based AGA Thyme. And if you can’t have a polka dot stove, you can at least settle for one of Emma’s polka dotted mugs.

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10 responses to “AGA polka dot stove.

  1. that is basically the best thing that has ever existed. ah!

  2. Have never set my eyes on an Aga stove but remember them fondly from my childhood novels, the Enid Blytons always featured the Aga stove as a source of warmth no less.

  3. Love, love, love the polka dot stove. Amazing! The husband would never let me get one of those, but a girl can dream.

  4. I have coveted an Aga for a long time. They are perhaps not ideal for a climate where it really does occasionally get hot (like New England), but in a cooler, damp place (like the UK where they are a fixture), it makes sense to have something that is always slightly warming and drying out the atmosphere!
    The solidity of the thing is what’s so awesome.

  5. oh I love Agas! Always read about them in old novels.
    I would want a really nice British red because that thing would never die.

  6. We had one of the Polka dot AGA’s in our showroom recently and it was a real hit with customers and staff, if you ever want any more info on AGA Cookers, Range Cookers, Kitchens and Appliances visit our website at

    great article by the way and loving the look of the blog.

  7. Do you know where I can get an AGA stove in Hong Kong? I have been trying to find it for a long long time.

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