Baby blanket & Alise.

The great thing about knitting is you can do it anywhere… in cars… in hotel rooms…

You can knit with your Mom while waiting for your ferry home…

But my favorite place to knit is in the car because it doesn’t make me sick like reading does.

Here I am knitting on the MTR on the way to the airport. Knitting has been used as a treatment for anxiety and it’s also used my some executives on conference calls–occupying part of your brain with a routine physical motion has proven to increase mental focus.

And here is the finished blanket! It is my second blanket, but both were in the same color… this one is knit two, pearl two. I like to think and pray about all the things the babies I’m knitting for are going to see and do in their lives! I especially like to wonder about whether they’ll be athletes or politicians or artists… And I pray that the parents have all the patience and love in the world for them.

And Alise with her blanket!

Isn’t she the most precious little one ever? I can’t wait to meet her!
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6 responses to “Baby blanket & Alise.

  1. Love this post and love your blanket! And what a beeeyoootiful baby!

  2. what fun pics of you knitting everywhere! I didn’t know about the execs knitting, but I know I knitted during faculty meetings and I focused much better. And I heard of a program that taught at-risk 3rd graders to knit and they drastically improved everything in their lives from the calming focus of knitting.
    Knitting in the car is my favorite thing ever! I always want my husband to drive.
    And that is a beautiful blanket you knit. I’ve never made something that big. Congrats to you and to your friends with the sweet little baby!

  3. I too absolutely love knitting, and it definitely reduces my anxiety at the airport. I had a knitting club when I taught in DC, and my kids loved the feeling of making something- it is so satisfying to see a project through from start to finish!

  4. Awww that last picture is sooo cute! How sweet. Nice job!

  5. This blanket turned out just as beautiful as the first!

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