Candy corns.

Do you ever see something on another blog and then wonder if anyone ever buys it? Well, a month or so ago I saw this adorable candy corn hat on the adorable blog Say Yes to Hoboken. (Check it out if you haven’t already. It’s chalk full of fun DIY projects, great recipes and Liz also has her own vintage shop.) And if you ever wonder, who will buy that?! Well, I did. There really is something for everyone.

I instantly thought of my grandfather when I saw this. Since I can remember he has had a magic pocket that grows candy corns. That’s right… every time I see him he always has a candy corn for me. It’s a very special pocket however. It only grows candy corns for grandchildren. So, no candy corns for my Mom or Dad. Just us kids. When the Mr. and I got married, right after our vows, my grandfather ceremoniously presented the Mr. with his very first candy corn. It’s a very sweet thing and although I still love it, it was pretty much the coolest thing ever when I was about four and is one of my very first memories. I think it is a great idea to have a magical little signature for your little friends. Does anyone else have other fun examples like this?

OKAY, apologies. I digress… so back to the hat! So of course when I saw this hat I just had to buy it for my grandfather. It’s kind of crazy to think of all these connections…. but Liz Stanley in S.F. posts a picture of a hat made by Herbal Nights in Kent, Washington. I see the post here in Hong Kong. I have the hat sent to my Mom in Saratoga, CA. She sends it to me here. My grandfather visits all the way from Madison, Wisconsin where I proudly present him with this little ‘just because it was so perfect for you–there is no real occasion’ gift. And here he is modeling it after I gave it to him last week.

So I will say one more thing… when I saw the hat I did think of making it myself, but I thought that would be stealing a great idea from someone else and I was proud to get to support someone trying to make their own little business. BUT… I am now inspired to think of more candy corn related DIY projects in the future. Okay, I lied. One more thing: I also think it’s cool how blogs can really give small businesses the publicity they need to make it.

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6 responses to “Candy corns.

  1. Love it and love that you gave the girl making it her due! It’s a cute hat!
    And the story is priceless. I didn’t know about the vows being confirmed with candy corn! So sweet.

  2. I love your grandfather!

  3. That’s so sweet! (pun intended)

  4. Do you think your grandparents would come spend a week with me? I think it is beyond awesome how blogs can help small businesses make it. Besides, with so much importing going on, purchasing handmade items from people in the U.S. is a huge, influential thing to do. I am making a point to purchase all of my Christmas presents this year from people like myself who are putting themselves out there and believing in doing what they love everyday in order to sustain. Oh, and my “Pop” always gave us “buckeye balls” from a buckeye tree. They bring luck but only after being picked up by my Pop and passed along to the recipient and NEVER being touched by anyone else. You guard your buckeye with your life. As far as I know, my Dad still carries his in his pants pocket everyday. If my Mom gives you one of my Pop’s buckeyes, you are VERY special.

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