D.I.Y. wedding dresses: Pregnant, Bride, and Bridesmaids edition.

The reason for our trip back to the US was that two of the Mr.’s sisters were getting married, three weeks apart.

So as you can imagine it was a bit of a scramble from an attire perspective given that I was 7-8 months preggers! After a very depressing search for formal pregnancy dresses online, I gave up and decided to have two dresses made here in Hong Kong.

I had the dresses made at Matador Couture. Note, they’ve recently moved to: 8/F CS Tower, 50 Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. They did a brilliant job, both in terms of sewing quality and in terms of predicting how I would grow in the next few months. Being able to get clothes made is one of the best perks of living in Asia. I always recommend giving them a lot of guidance so I either bring in actual clothes or pictures to copy. And I pay a lot of attention to fabric swatches.

This wedding was mid-June so I was further along in my pregnancy so we planned extra room to allow for that and pretty much copied the dress below, in the brides requested color of blush pink. Her other color was moss green, which I incorporated in the fascinator. We also thought it would be hotter so we used more breathable fabric.

My two rules for preggo dressing — which actually can apply anytime, but especially when pregnant — is to make sure you have one great accent piece (which distracts from your belly–scarves are a favorite!) and to wear jewelry that makes you happy. So to this dress I added a fascinator from Kokin, which I picked up while I was in NYC for work. I walked by the store window and fell in love with the big bow! My jewelry accent piece was pearls, which I really rarely wear so it was fun to get them out.

Now, I’m sure you’re dying to see the bride as much as I’m dying to share her with you: Deirdre looked divine in every way!

Her dress also has a DIY story: she found it in Filene Basement’s running of the brides for mere pennies and had it altered significantly to perfection. I really loved the cross necklace she wore (groom’s gift!!) and hear earrings also went perfectly with the beading.

And here’s a shot of her with her dashing groom–doesn’t he look amazing in bright blue? Their wedding dance was the BEST I’ve ever seen… it involved ridiculously complicated choreography and lots of jumping on top and swinging from chairs.

And there was a very DIY element to the bridesmaid dresses as my mother-in-law, bless her, made them herself!

Now back to the first wedding…

My signature accent was a little capelet and my jewelry was a birthday bracelet from the Mr. that picked up on the blue. These were the photos for inspiration:

I liked the pleating of this dress and since I was three weeks less pregnant for this wedding, I thought it was a little more subtle.

And the capelet from this dress… and I think they actually looked pretty good together! But now for the bride!!!

Suzanne’s dress was a thrift shop find for $100! Aren’t the buttons absolutely Jackie O awesome?

And the lace overlay was just stunning. Now for the bridesmaid dresses, which my MIL also made… and you can see her making a last minute adjustment here. They had such a fun vintage feel! And I loved that they were all different, but coordinated.

I’ll end on a “raised note”: Suzanne married a Captain so they had a sword salute exit from the Church which was so very cool!

And if anyone needs a very preggers wedding dress, I’m happy to lend my two out… just drop me a line!

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14 responses to “D.I.Y. wedding dresses: Pregnant, Bride, and Bridesmaids edition.

  1. Thank you for posting these photos, Natasha! Would you believe that that’s actually the first photo of us three bridesmaids that I’ve seen??? SOME brides need to get back from Paris and disseminate photos! 😉

    And you look just as fabulous in these photos as you did in person! And you didn’t even mention your adorable outfit from D’s rehearsal! 🙂

  2. Brought a tear to my eye, beautiful in every way! Brides look so deliriously happy and gorgeous of course

  3. Thanks for the sweet recaps, Natasha! A few things:
    – Your dresses were great and perfectly suited to both weddings. When you came up to do the reading at our wedding, I had the delightful surprise of seeing your hat for the first time that day! I was like, “oh my, her outfit just jumped up a few notches on the fabulous scale…” I LOVED it. I also just love the ruffles on the pink.
    – The blue dress for Suki’s went in so well with the formal/military thing going on…
    – I agree with LJ — as much as your dresses were great for both weddings, I think my favorite ensemble might have been the green goddess-inspired look for my rehearsal dinner. You should pull that dress out for every pregnancy.
    I hope you’re doing well! Dragon baby’s coming sooonn!! 🙂

  4. Ooops! I accidentally published that last comment from my mom – but it was me! The above is from Deirdre.

  5. Also, I had to laugh when you described our dance – you definitely made it sound more complex than it was! But we had so much fun with it. 🙂

  6. Natasha, you look stunning, as do Nick’s sisters. I love that you wore a fascinator- so British of you! Hope you are feeling well – you certainly look great!

  7. Two lovely brides. So great to see Suki and Dierdre on their wedding days!!!
    I loved your hat and you looked great at the weddings!

  8. I’m catching up on your posts! And just had to add that John is a Captain…Colonel would be a few ranks up. Not quite there yet! 🙂

    Of course, I agree with everybody that your dresses were just beautiful and perfect!

  9. You are so cute! Your outfits were adorable. Well done!

  10. Natasha that b+w picture of you and Nick is a MUST frame! Such dashing wedding guests…

  11. So glad to see all these pretty dresses! I’m sure Leila will get around to it sometime, but I’ve been hoping to see more details.

    You are right about the signature pieces. Yours are very succesful – you look beautiful. I had to sing in a wedding when I was 8 months pregnant. I wore basic black with a gorgeous grey silk scarf with a long fringe pinned up with a big brooch over top. It was easy and flattering. And then I went into labor the following week, three weeks early!

  12. Yes, you have really provide a series of wonderful ideas for the pregnant who have babies of different months. Thanks for the interesting info.

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