Measuring cups shower gift.

Don’t you love it when people match the gift to the card? It’s so hard to do… you find the perfect card and then the envelope doesn’t go with your paper or some such… but it’s great when stars align and you’re able to pull it all together like Di has done here.

Awhile back my super thoughtful friend Di gave me the most adorable nesting measuring cups.

I love my little girls so much and use them pretty much every day. I seem to always be losing measuring cups… you just can never have enough on hand.
(What a sweet little family!) Inspired by Di’s thoughtful gift and my daily use of it, I thought I could turn the theme of measuring into a thoughtful shower gift for a dear friend who got married this past summer.
People often ask if you feel different after you’re engaged or married… and I always say, yes, duh. But the main thing I noticed was that you stop (or start to stop) measuring out “he did this” “I did that” and you start taking a much longer picture of your relationship. Your commitment to one another really leaves you free to better love one another, which is a really beautiful thing.
But for us type-A’s, you still have a strong need to measure, right? So maybe this gift will give you a better outlet for that.

Except for the measuring tea towel from whimsy and spice, The whimsical teaspoons, nesting cups and anniversary tea towel are all from Anthropologie.

Nested cups would make a perfect gift for a housewarming or a baby shower or for anyone who likes to cook! Thanks Di for inspiring me!!

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2 responses to “Measuring cups shower gift.

  1. Seeing this brought back memories of your sweet and thoughtful gift for Tori’s east coast bridal shower!

  2. I *love* my measuring tools and accessories and can’t wait to use them in our new Seattle apartment!

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