How cool is the Christmas gift my parents sent over?
I am pretty excited about it and I set it up all by myself.
The coolest thing about it is I can literally see right into the Mr.’s office–I’ve taken to calling him at work and then asking him to come to the window so I can get a good look at him!The legs are fully adjustable for optimal creeping! It’s fun to watch people’s lights go one when they get home from work… and yes, I confess, I do sometimes like to see them sitting down to dinner, too! But, I don’t linger too, too long—I promise.
The telescope goes perfectly with our Starbay coffee table… so it looks like we’ll just always have to have a place with a great view, although Victoria Harbour is pretty tough to beat.

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9 responses to “Telescope.

  1. I think it would be more effective for monitoring the Mr. if you had not tipped him off!

  2. When I was in college, I had a buddy who would see my across the room at a party and call me just to see if I ignored him. True story. . .

    Mr. better reevaluate his phone “silence” policies.

  3. hilarious. I confess I would adore being able to spy into other peoples’ homes! I deliberately take walks around the city at dusk when people have not quite closed their blinds yet. My husband hates when I peek!

  4. Oh wow, that is a gorgeous telescope!! I’m sure it functions quite nicely a well but right now I’m thinking about how great it looks against those maps on the wall. Love the “old world”, “scholarly” look!! I’m kind of obsessed with old maps at the moment . . . I found some great online resources for them!

  5. I would think this would be great fun! It reminds me of blogging in a way. A blog is kind of like having a telescope pointed at your window!

  6. You make being creepy so endearing. Haha. Kidding! In all seriousness, in terms of decor, it goes perfectly with all of the nautical looking things you’ve posted about that Hong Kong seems to offer. Very classic! Could you read a message if the Mr. pasted it to his office window? That would be a romantic, old-fashioned version of Skype!

  7. It was fabulous meeting you this week at Alt. I adore your new telescope + you totally crack me up!!! “Adjustable for optimal creeping”, how fun to live in a city so large with so many people below to spy on:) Perfect present!

  8. It is so beautiful. I confess I like to look in people’s windows but in an innocent way. I don’t care to see what they are doing (I’d truly rather not) but want to see how they’ve decorated their homes. I’m a wanna-be decorator.

  9. I think I would want to watch the ships coming and going in the port. Can you see any fishing boats?

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