Transcontinental jetsetting, kids edition: plane entertainment.

Whenever I see a solo mum on a 16 hour flight (or really any length of time) with a little one, my heart just goes out to her, really it does.

Milkbomb Tee. It would be beyond adorable if you paired this tee with Janelle’s ‘Wailing baby survival kit‘ for your plane neighbors.

When my sister and I were very young we flew from Portland, Maine all the way to Tokyo to visit my grandparents several times. My mom always had a little bag of gift-wrapped toys, gifts and games for us to open every hour or two on the long journey–whenever we were getting cranky! Sometimes it was nothing more than a wrapped pack of gum. Jordan of Oh Happy Day! does the same thing for her son only with crepe paper = clever and time saving. She also has some great kids travel tips. So does Courtney.

(Picture, Oh Happy Day!)

If you don’t have the time to hit the dollar store for all these little trinkets, consider buying a Think-Ets pouch.

“Think-ets is an amazing little travel game for creative storytelling and many other easy-to-learn games. Take 15 tiny treasures from all over the world and use them 10 different ways, including for hilarious storytelling, mind-bending memory games and even a challenging strategy game.  Think-ets is ideal for home, restaurants, waiting rooms or pool-sides”

Here are a few fun ideas of other things to keep your kids entertained plane-side:

Pencil roll. (I saw this in person yesterday and it is totally homemade–the colors are so pretty!)

Natural scented travel size playdough.

A felt storyboard for traytable play.

A tray table cover might be a good investment… keep the germs away = less sick kiddos. 

Why not get the little one his own headset that actually fits and stays on?

Maybe a nice classic travel Etch n’Sketch?

Finally, having your own bag can be really fun!

Pop-up (fold flat) dollhouse. This is so beautiful… it may be better for bigger kids or adults who are young at heart!

For adult travel tips, check out my other posts on Transcontinental Jetsetting for adults: part onepart two and reader’s edition.

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4 responses to “Transcontinental jetsetting, kids edition: plane entertainment.

  1. these are some great suggestions — love the think-ets pouch and the crepe paper idea!

  2. I make and sell pencil rolls in my etsy shop! You’re right, they are great for travel.

    • I didn’t even realize you had such an awesome little shop… will definitely have to keep this in mind for gifts! Since you do them custom… I’m also thinking it might be nice to have one for knitting supplies. I’ll be thinking on this!

  3. Jetting off with Lucy solo tomorrow … love the tray table cover! We’ll have to get one for next time. Heck, I may get one for myself. Planes are gross.

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