Herb garden.

So if you don’t have one already, I see absolutely no reason at all why you shouldn’t have an herb garden. It has already brought me limitless joy and we’ve only had it for two weeks.

We got all of the supplies at the Flower Market in Kowloon for about $20 and it was some of the best money ever spent, especially here in Hong Kong where a lot of grocery stores don’t even carry herbs or if they do, they are literally from California and totally gross and wilted.

This is me carrying our little box back on the MTR subway.

The Mr. nicely repotted everything for me so the roots could spread out a bit.

I chose a lot of the appetizers for our housewarming simply because they featured mint or rosemary prominently and we now have a wonderful, fresh supply. Although I have already noticed that our mint is insanely aggressive and is moving in on the parsley… we are going to be drinking lots of mint tea (so wonderful — just pour hot water over the leaves) and making some mint juleps so it doesn’t take over. So if you have a few hours free this weekend, skip over to a garden store and make up an herb garden. You don’t need a yard, you don’t even need a porch, you just need a window… and hopefully you have one of those. Although I didn’t in my very first basement apartment, I still think my landlady would have let me put a garden on the front stoop–so no excuses! Hop to.

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4 responses to “Herb garden.

  1. Nick repotted everything for you?
    I’m so proud!

  2. yes! yes! yes! fresh herbs all the way! I’ve been toying with the idea of growing herbs on my winter windowsill. I think I should do it.

    With your mint. . . make a cabbage salad with an Asian soy sauce dressing – add some
    oh wait, I blogged it. (Pause) It’s a cabbage salad with ham that you eat over rice – with a handful of fresh mint or basil.


    • This looks amazing and I am definitely going to try it asap!! I love, love, love Asian cabbage salad, but have never made it myself. Thank you!

  3. You are totally right about the mint. My cute little mint has quickly grown into a monster that is devouring its neighboring oregano and sage. Daily pruning definitely now required.

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