Knitting obsession.

I am OBSESSED with knitting. And when I say obsessed, I mean, like if I don’t knit at least a couple of rows in a day I feel this compulsive need to just grab my needles, sneak into a closet, and get in a few rows. I knit a ton on my last trip… it’s so calming and therapeutic. I think I knit to stay sane.

Above are two of my most recent projects… I will share details after they have been gifted, but I just realized they’re in HKHousewife colors!

As soon as I touched down in NYC after a 17-hour flight, I dropped my bags and literally ran to PurlSoHo and then to Loopy Mango to buy more yarn having ran out on the way over. I had one day with my mom with all my business meetings and we spent the entire morning with her teaching me seaming. It was amazing.

Honestly, now I really want to go to a knitting conference like Sock Summit, which just happened in Portland, so I can be crazy about knitting with other crazy knitters… I’m thinking that knitting probably self-selects crazy people like myself. This is the first flash mob I actually want to be a part of. Wow.

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3 responses to “Knitting obsession.

  1. Who taught you how to knit? I want to learn! Can you teach me over Skype? Haha. If I could, I would devote all of my time to making my own things–sewing, (knitting if I knew how), photography, painting, etc. I totally understand that therapeutic effect–and it’s a focus unlike anything else, it sucks you in! Also, there is something so satisfying about finishing a tangible project, as opposed to most things in our daily lives (and even cooking–which gets eaten!) I just stare at Veronica beautiful blanket you knit her and marvel. So amazing!

  2. Seriously, you are an amazing knitter. I can’t believe how many projects you have done!

  3. So interesting 😉 I sense something more than a blanket going on there! Fun!

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