Knitting swift and ball winder.

I’m very happy to say we’ve been able to round up a very nice group of about ten gals here in Hong Kong and we’re all knitting up a storm.

It’s amazing how addicting knitting is! Our Stitch and B*tch is thriving and we’ve been meeting once every week or two. We only wish there was a knitting store with little grandmas who could help us with our mistakes or that had a winder to wind up skeins we bought there, like all the shops in the States.

So after hours of having one of the gals or the Mr. holding up their hands so I could wind a ball from a skein–I still don’t understand why they can’t just sell all yarn in balls… something about it stretching or scrunching up the beautiful yarn–I invested in a winding set-up. A swift (to hold the skein properly–it expands and contracts depending on the diameter of the skein) and a ball winder. I went with the most old-fashioned, hardy versions I could find after reading a lot of negative reviews of the plastic winders.

Winding a ball is so much much fun now and these balls don’t roll so we won’t have any loose balls rolling down airplane aisles all the way to the cockpit door (yes, this has happened to me and several of the other gals in the group!) What’s truly ironic is both the swift and winder were designed in the US, made in China, sent to the US, and then sent back to me…
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One response to “Knitting swift and ball winder.

  1. what pretty machines! Also a nice green. 🙂

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