Maid's "rooms".

Uh, wait, people live in that closet? Seriously? In that 3×4 foot box without windows?

It seems quite unethical to me that people let people live like that here, but apparently these ladies often support their entire family back home on what they make here. In fact, they’d give anything to have these jobs.

Literally every single apartment we’ve seen (and we’ve seen close to 40) has a maid’s room because apparently there is a law here in Hong Kong that domestic help must live with their family hence the little closet and tiny 2 square feet combo shower/toilet room.

Now the Mr. assumes that we’d never actually go for one of these helpers–even though they do only cost about $200 a month. I’m going to reserve judgment as everyone here seems to have one… the paper yesterday said there are over a quarter of a million domestic helpers living here, or over 3% of the total population. My main reluctance is that I want to be able to say exactly what I am feeling (i.e. have a fight with the Mr. if need be) and I wouldn’t feel comfortable with a maid overhearing all of that. Also, I’m so excited about what we could do with this extra room… a post to come about that is forthcoming!

One of the other evidences of the fact that everyone has a maid is the distance from the kitchen (which is often tiny and is usually stuffed into the back of the apt, right next to the maid’s room) to the dining room table–which is usually the entire length of the apt. I guess the idea is for the maid to be back in the steaming kitchen while you’re up front enjoying her hard work, as well as the breeze and the view. Another piece of evidence is that not only are the kitchens tiny, but even modern kitchens with other very modern appliances often don’t have dishwashers.

Some of the apartment’s have outfitted their maid’s rooms rather nicely, like this:

I thought the forgotten little angel in the corner was quite sweet–it really made me wonder about the family and the maid who used to live here.

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4 responses to “Maid's "rooms".

  1. 40!! Rosie and I felt like they were all blurring together in our heads when we had seen about 6! That’s crazy. Also, they look pretty cool and exciting. Someday, when you are firmly established, I hope we can come visit.

  2. Yes, it’s nuts! Some people say they look at over 100 here. We just talked about it and i think the number is now closer to 65! There are a lot of choices and iterations of choices (beach, mtn, city, neighborhood, high rise, new=small, old=bigger, etc.) But what’s weird is that the ones that matter you can totally remember. And, yes! Please come visit.

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