Moving announcements and stamps.

So as you all know I work for Minted, so I can’t help but share our moving announcements with you here. I was uber eager to get these out so people could 1. start writing us and 2. so we wouldn’t miss out on Christmas cards. Hopefully people won’t mind adding on a few more stamps to get them to us here in HK.

I went with float + taking off by Float Paperie–I just love this design, like I love all of Andrea’s designs. She is immensely talented!I have a twinge of regret of printing this on pearlescent–our shimmer paper–maybe it would have been better on just flat paper (the Mr. thinks so) and yet I was just dying to try out our new-ish paper for my personal use. Regardless, I still like them and was happy I was able to get most of them in the mail State-side where the postage is much more affordable. Of course, it meant waking up in my hotel room at 4am before a day of meetings and stuffing, licking, stamping like crazy! I was so happy to find some great new stamps to dress up the envelope. Are you like me and wait in line at the Post Office just to get stamps that will live up to your stationery? Although I wouldn’t consider myself a huge lover of Modern art, I do love this new series. Isn’t it cool how the stamps are such different sizes?And so I am truly crazy–I also got some of these Scouting stamps because I thought it fit in well with our Asian adventure. Then, yes I really did this, I sort of pick and chose who got what based on what I thought they would like best.

Given that the Post Office lost 3.5 billion dollars in just the third quarter of this year alone (expect another stamp hike again in Jan ’11), I am worried they won’t be around much longer. But while they are still with us, I really wish they would crowd source their new stamps like we do at Minted with cards.I wish they had some Mother Teresa stamps after my long wait in line, because I might have considered mixing those in, too.

Being the insane planner that I am, I’m considering buying some now for my Christmas cards–I think it would be a nice fit for a card about peace or love, don’t you?

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11 responses to “Moving announcements and stamps.

  1. With you around, Natasha, I doubt the post office will be going out of business 😉 XOXO MWAH!!!

  2. Dear Natasha,

    I loved getting your change of address card and I specifically enjoyed the shimmer paper.

    I have been thinking about Christmas cards already too. I didn’t manage to get any out last year, but I am determined that this year I will, and I will definitely send one to Hong Kong. 🙂

    Enjoying your blog!

  3. Tash- I loved the announcements and the paper they were printed on! Any idea how long it typically takes mail to get from here to HK? I will need to keep you updated on music after all….

  4. It took me FOREVER to put stamps on all of my wedding invitations and thank you notes because I tried to pick out the stamp I thought best suited the recipient. I just couldn’t help myself!! I bought up the very last of the Eames collection stamps because I liked them so much. I think Mother Teresa would be perfect for Christmas cards. In fact, I might have to take a trip to the post office and purchase them before they run out. Stamps are a very important part of a card!! Love the announcements!

    • Agreed! Invites these days are so heavy they can require 4-6 stamps each–ours did! And I may have just bought the Mother Teresa stamps and had them sent to my parents 😉 Planning ahead makes you feel so on top of things, even if you’re not.

  5. Theadora Sakata

    The shimmer paper seems somehow more in step with a Hong Kong/Chinese aesthetic. I especially like the choice of fonts on the (of course) lovely design!

  6. Oh, I am just in love with stamps in the same way! I order my stamps directly from because the shipping is only a buck and I get to choose from EVERYTHING. I go a little nuts and it’s also the reason I don’t do all my bills online, because I like to mail things with stamps. But truly, I need to write more letters or send more cards so I can use my pretty stamps more often.

  7. I loved the shimmer paper! And now I am mailing you a card 🙂

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