Silver condiment lids.

When company is en route or the Mr. and I are enjoying a nice dinner, I always struggle with condiments. Do you put the ketchup into a nice little ramekin with a spoon–knowing much of it will go to waste–or do you ruin your spread and put the bottle on the table?

So the idea of adding silver lids to condiments to dress them up for the table instantly appeals to me!! Do you think that the lids go far enough to make these heavily branded glass vestibules table ready?

I’m leaning towards a relieved yes, but would love to hear what y’all think? They would also make a great gift for that person who has everything, but puts ketchup on everything… even their eggs… I certainly don’t know anyone like that…. Oh, and I wish they had a maple syrup lid for a certain someone. Silver Magpie where these are from also lets you engrave so you can add a monogram!

The strawberry set is also quite nice and again would make a great gift. All silver pieces from Silver Magpie. She also has a lovely assortment of silver baby gifts. While we’re on the subject, can I also mention my other major complaint about condiments: they are taking OVER my fridge!!! Cooking Western and Asian cuisines + the humidity and chance of mold here in HK means you can’t leave anything in the cupboard = a fridge full of jars but empty of food.

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4 responses to “Silver condiment lids.

  1. I see your rational but maple syrup cannot have a lid- there should be no obstacle between you, your pancakes, and liquid gold. 😉

  2. haha, my mom calls me the condiment queen. My fridge is full of bottles! I just like to cook lots of different kinds of food. I had no idea your climate dictated your fridge and pantry like that.

    Those lids are cute. I don’t get too exercised about condiments in their bottles on the table until it’s a company meal.

  3. Those are beautiful, Natasha! What a great idea. I love how they add a little elegance to an ordinary jar. As someone who’s totally obsessed with having a *perfect* table, I think those caps are just the perfect thing for adding a little polish to a condiment!

  4. I think the silver looks very nice on the pretty jam jars, but I’m having a more difficult time picturing it on ketchup. Maybe on a glass ketchup bottle, but I can’t really feature it on a plastic squeeze-type bottle. I think if it was between that and a ramekin, I’d go with ramekin! But probably only for the fanciest dinners… otherwise I’d let it slide. 🙂

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