St. Paddy’s Day Party!

Our St. Paddy’s party on Saturday was so much fun!

St. Patrick even smiled on us with our first non-cloudy night in months and the view was spectacular! And it was warm enough for people to hang on the deck.

Do you see that rainbow-esque fruit and veggie display at the end of the table? The marshmallows are a “cloud” and the banana sices in the bowl are a “pot of gold.”

I served two appetizers, both of which I passed myself… when you have the time and are together enough to pass your appetizers, it really is the best. You get to A. say hello to all the guests B. your appetizers are served at their peak temperature (hot or cold) and C. it makes sure that people actually eat them instead of just gabbing away!!

Above, Emerald Eggs from the Food Network… I highly recommend this recipe… the green color is achieved naturally from watercress, tarragon and scallions.

Hard-boil 6 eggs, then peel and slice in half. Scoop the yolks into a food processor and puree with 1 cup watercress leaves, 1/4 cupmayonnaise, 2 tablespoons each chopped scallions andtarragon, and salt and pepper. Fill with the yolk mixture.

The second appetizer I entitled ‘Dr. Seuss’s Sammies.’ They were simply English muffins, Candaian bacon and eggs dyed green all cut with a biscuit cutter into little circles.

The Mr. also made his infamous Guac (love all the lime juice he puts in it). I gussied it up a bit by serving the chips in Tiffany’s and the guac in Bernardaud. I do love how green it is. And of course it was devoured by the end of the night.

The pretty flowers were from Diane from Ellermann Design–didn’t she do an amazing job? She used a block of florist foam and poked leaves into it to create a pretty base for the vase.

We also had some live Irish entertainment… I met Charliah at the ‘Enter the Dragon‘ dinner a few weeks back and it turns out she is a violinist so I asked her and a friend to come play for us! She’s at the Best Music Academy in case your little one needs tutoring or you’d like some lovely music at your next party.

And then there was the main buffet. Here was the menu:

  • Corned Beef! For the second year in a row we completely ran out of this delicious roast even after I doubled down, from 4 lbs to 8 lbs. I really reccomend trying this at home. It is not hard at all (just takes time) and the results are awesome. I slow cooked it for 8 hours in Guinness, water, some sliced carrots and onion. I served it with a jar of mustard. And by the way, if you’re in HK and craving corned beef, Tenderloin Fine Foods, a great meat and fish delivery service I like, sells it prepared–so all you need to do is cook it.
  • Kelly’s Irish Soda Bread. Again, a huge hit. This time I did include Caraway seeds which makes it a little more savory… but to be honest I think I prefer it just with currants. Recipe here.
  • Boston Baked Maple Beans. 35 people is a LOT of people to feed dinner so I decided to augment the beef with a lot of beans. I loved this recipe–again it’s very easy, just takes time… it cooks pretty much all day. It was also great for the Veggies to have something to eat besides bread. And sweet-ish beans really are yummy.
  • Chive and Parsley Mashed Potatoes. Basically you just make regular mashed potatoes, but to make them green you puree chives and parsley with olive oil in a food processor and then mix it all together for a festive and tasty result!

And then there was dessert!

Pots of Gold Caramel Corn, Sugar Cookies, and Lucky Charms to go.

I made the little ‘We Are Lucky You Came’ label from cutting up a cereal box and then finding the other letters in magazines. I then just shrunk it down a bit on my home scanner and printed them off.

The idea was to give people a little Lucky Charms for breakfast the next day! I just love favors… people really appreciate taking a little souvenir home from the party and I think it really makes them feel special!

People also took home little pots of gold. After all, as a hostess I think your main goal is to make sure people feel like you’re really glad they’ve come and that you’ve tried to take good care of them while they are in your residence. A favor is your little way to thank them for making the effort to come.

And in this particular case to thank so many people for going to the effort to wear green!

Tomorrow: Irish Carbomb Cupcakes!

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9 responses to “St. Paddy’s Day Party!

  1. WOW!!! What an incredible spread! And with live music too… and the flowers are gorgeous!! Amazing job as always!!

  2. I didn’t think it would be possible for you to out-do last year…looks like you did! What a fabulous spread! Glad ya’ll had a great time 🙂

  3. You went to town on this party! Everything looks amazing, and I do wish I had one of those cupcakes!!!
    I think that serving guacamole at a St. Paddy’s party is hilarious 🙂 Yes, it is green!

  4. You went to town on this party! Everything looks amazing, and I do wish I had one of those cupcakes!!!
    I think that serving guacamole at a St. Paddy’s party is hilarious 🙂 Yes, it is green! I wonder what Grandma and Grandpa would think!

    • Thanks! Yes, maybe we’re staring a Mexican-Irish-Chinese tradition? Since there is no good Mexican in HK we will take even a small excuse, like it being green, to make or eat guac!

  5. this is awesome! I love that someone still throws fancy, detailed parties (I think that ended in my crowd when the kids were born – I’m sure we’ll get back to it later). I totally meant to make my own corned beef this year after being inspired by you last year, but we didn’t do anything at all on St. Paddy’s day.

    • Thanks for the nice words Margo! I’m sure most of the details will go by the way side when the little one is born, but definitely not the corned beef! I’m currently trying to think of another excuse to make it… maybe Easter supper even?!

      • we like to do corned beef for St Joseph’s day! Although we didn’t this year…a little overwhelmed with a stomach flu. I haven’t gotten used to all the extra laundry Christopher brings to the house yet, let alone the flu!

        I don’t think you will let all of the details go when you have a baby. It will take some time to feel like yourself again, but it will happen! 🙂

        I think there is a period of adjustment after each new child (i’m not through my third yet…I’m not old enough for this!! how do I have three children??!) but you figure out who you are again.

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