The devil is in the details.

So you’ve probably heard by now that my beloved Kate Spade just launched her first pair of jeans. And, yes, that is singular… meaning they came out with a one-style-fits-all jean. So I just had to try it out.
I was so skeptical… how could one pair really fit everyone? Mind you, there is nothing more I hate in the whole world than trying on jeans. I am much more of a skirt person. And if I must wear pants, I prefer slacks or sweats or duckies (pj pants). But these jeans are so incredibly comfortable.

(Love that typewriter bag by the way!) They are so comfortable they are now in my permanent traveling pants rotation. I wore them on four flights in the last week and their stretch made them an absolute pleasure. PLUS: They have these adorable little details that only I (or rather you and me now) know about… like hot pink stiching and the gold detailing on the outside of the pockets.

This is so exactly what you’re likely to find in my pockets… keys, bobby pins, loose change, a stick of gum, a credit card, and one tube of lipstick. I love being able to go out without a bag–when you can pull it off, it’s the best!

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2 responses to “The devil is in the details.

  1. Oh how I love the inside details on a pair of jeans! I’ve tried to venture out but I always go back to “Paige” jeans. They have been my favorite for 5 or 6 years now. Maybe it’s the inside patterned pocket liners subconsciously calling me back. I have to say, I have been most impressed by a pair of pajama pants I bought at Target not too long ago – so impressed that I have pointed it out to several people who could care less (like my husband). They are “Nick and Nora” and are made of this adorable hedgehog and apple pattern. Here’s the good part: the pocket liners are made of a coordinating apple fabric and so is the inner part of the waistband. But that’s not it. They also have a red satin drawstring and piping at the bottom. There is something wrong with us!!

  2. Ooh I do really like Paige jeans, too. Your PJs sound amazing! My husband could also care less about these little details, but who cares?! They make me happy!

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