One year celebratory junk!

We’ve officially been in Hong Kong for a year. Right after we moved here we met a nice couple from San Francisco who had moved here just a week after we did on a junk ride. They lived literally just a few blocks from us  in San Francisco and loved all of the same restaurants, but we had never met.

Junks here are really wonderful… they’re usually all day affairs where you sail to one of the outlying islands and enjoy clean air and water. They’re also a great way to meet people as they fit around 30 people.

So to celebrate our one year of moving from S.F. to Hong Kong and of meeting one another, we decided to do another junk. Here we are last year:

And here we are yesterday… don’t we look a little happier a year later?

We lucked out with a gorgeous day just like last year and I made cakes to commemorate our anniversary.

The center cake is a white cake with 7-minute icing–I’m really into stovetop icing. The effort is worth it!

The maps are made out of fondant. I enlarged and cut out a map of Asia and the US (plus Alaska and Hawaii–which was a lot of fun to cut out!) and laid them over the fondant. Then I just used a knife to trace around them.

The flags (Hong Kong above) were brownies covered with white chocolate ganache (melted white chocolate, a couple TBLs of cream, and a couples TBLs of corn syrup).
And then frosted with 7-minute frosting. People were raving about them… so let me tell you my secret to great brownies: Ghiradelli double chocolate box mix (they sell it here in HK at CitySuper). I am all for homemade in literally every other category except brownies because I haven’t been able to beat this box tip from my friend Tam.

It was so hot that the pink bled and melted a bit… but what can you do? Luckily we could cool off in the water!

Remember how I’m obsessed with shipping containers? I like this shot. Most of junking is just hanging out and chatting. I got a little knitting in, too!

If you’re looking to rent a junk in HK, Jaspa’s will take care of you. They are very attentive and make great bbq. Email:

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4 responses to “One year celebratory junk!

  1. Ironically, it looks like both Misters are wearing the same shirts.

  2. My Mom swears by the Ghiradelli double chocolate box mix!

  3. What a fun way to celebrate your one-year in Asia anniversary. Gorgeous cakes!

  4. Inez Baskerville

    Great cake. We are so happy that you an Nick are enjoying Asia and especially Hong Kong. The junk ride sounds like a lot of fun.

    It was so a wonderful visit this morning and a perfect way for Bapi and me to start our day.

    Love and prayers, Ba

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