Bird street.

So absolutely one of the tourist must sees in Hong Kong is Bird Street. In addition to caged birds for sale, people will literally brings their birds out to this street, like you would walk a dog.
There are all types of birds everywhere, even just sitting on top of trashcans.

As you may remember, I have a thing for birdcages. Here this little old lady is changing the paper in her cages… up until this point, I was really thinking I might want to take a bird home with me.These guys were my favorite:There were some really big, talking macaws… it’s hard not to feel a little bad when you see so many caged animals, most with clipped wings.
And then there is what the birds eat!No thanks. But maybe I will take a pretty bird house home and put a little stuffed guy in there?

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7 responses to “Bird street.

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  2. Oh my gosh, really? Bird Street? People who have birds love them! I learned just recently that some birds even sleep with their owners. I have a bad habit of taking in stray cats so I don’t think I’ll be adopting a bird anytime soon.

  3. Natasha, remember the guy/old lady (?) taking the bird for a walk in the bird snugli in SF?

  4. If you or someone you know is getting or has a bird the perches should be natural branches from trees. A one-size all the way down perch is bad for the bird’s claws. Birds in confined rooms may cause respiratory problems.

  5. I am looking for a perch for my african grey parrot. I would like to know where to buy one which is not so expensive.

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