New mother inspiration from Princess Marie.

There are so many moments to be excited about with a new baby… one of them is the christening! I’m already planning ours. I can’t wait!

Isn’t this one elegant looking family? Princess Marie and Prince Joachim from Denmark and their little daughter Athena are quite striking. In Denmark and lots of other Nordic countries, names aren’t announced or given until the baby’s christening, which usually comes at around three to four months.

It turns out Princess Marie looks amazing all the time!

I think it’s very appropriate for the mother to wear neutrals and the father to wear pinks for a little girl’s christening.

Here Princess Marie looks very Kate Middleton (or perhaps Kate has been channeling Marie?) on her way to the christening of the Royal twins. Again, neutrals work so well for morning christenings.

Marie also wore neutral lace to her son Prince Hendrik’s christening. Image credit: Bauer Griffin

Not only does the princess look fantastic all dressed up, but she even manages to look amazingly put together when exiting the hospital after giving birth!

Here she is leaving the hospital with her son. And here she is with her daughter.

When going through my hospital bag checklist, I didn’t really have high heals and skinny jeans in mind for my ‘going home outfit!’

I mean don’t you agree that this is ridiculously impressive for just days after giving birth?

Can you imagine facing a crowd like this on your way home!?

Not surprisingly, Marie also looked very cute with a bump!

Another preggo-balcony shot.

And of course I have to share a shot of the family while visiting HK!

She even manages to look absolutely adorable in the rain–love the braid. As I type this, we’re enduring a Typhoon 8 and things are getting quite wet and crazy out there.

Oh and to close, a wedding shot! Marie is French… can’t say I’m surprised.

It really does seem like Kate has taken a few tips from Marie, don’t you agree?

All image from Getty Images unless otherwise noted.

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6 responses to “New mother inspiration from Princess Marie.

  1. You looked at least as pretty all dolled up with a bump!

    And if your wedding pictures.

    As for leaving the hospital. I recommend something a little cozier! But I’m sure you’ll look beautiful then too!

  2. *”and IN your wedding pictures.”

  3. Thank you for sharing this Natasha! I love seeing “Princess clothes”!

  4. Hahaha fun. It’s awesome – but also kinda hilarious – how perfect she looks in these different situations. I guess the pressure is much higher when you are actually royalty and the whole country wants to see your child as soon as it’s born. Fortunately for the rest of us, there won’t be a crowd of paparazzi and adoring commoners when we exit the hospital!

  5. Also — speaking of your baby’s Christening, that makes me wonder what that will be like in HK! If you ever get around to it, I’d love to read about what you’ve experienced as far as the Church over there and what kind of parish life there is…

  6. RubberChickenGirl

    I for one am not impressed with her skinnyness post-birth. It tells me she gained 2.5 lbs while pregnant, if that-not normal, not healthy and way too Barbie. Women should be more focused on the health of their baby and enjoying life than making sure they weigh 105 lbs and are a size 2 post-delivery. I typically gained 30-40 lbs each pregnancy and always lost it *eventually and gradually* through nursing and healthy eating and the high level of activity one gets daily chasing toddlers for 14 hours. I lfet the hospital looking like a sad mis-stuffed pillow after each birth. I knew a woman once who said dreamily to me as she looked at a new baby, “I’ll be holding one of those in 2 weeks.” I could not even tell she was pregnant. She had a jacket on, but, I kid you not, I couldn’t see a bump. Now granted, she was maybe 5 ft 10 in and I am 5 ft 1 in with nowhere to hide an 8 lb baby. I find it frightening when women don’t gain a visible ounce and are BOTH proud of it and have other women fawning over them over it. I had another neighbor that used to walk by my house every day. For weeks I was trying to decide if she might be pregnant. One day, I decided, “Yes, yes she is pregnant under that loose t-shirt. There is indeed a bump!” The next week she was walking by with a stroller! A neighbor praised her figure and asked her how she lost the weight so fast. She replied, “It’s not good.” She admitted what we had already concluded–severe anorexia. Anyway, I guess this post struck a nerve. I have a thing about women being held to stratospheric/unhealthy standards about their appearance.


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