'Rents visit.

My parents were our first visitors–they very nicely came for my birthday. On my birthday I wanted to do two things: 1. get a foot massage and 2. eat Peking duck (after learning how it is made I decided it was a special occasion only treat).

Getting a foot massage is truly unique to HK. People do this instead of meeting before dinner for a drink. After this 75 minute treat, my Dad declared the trip “worth it.” They both fell asleep with smiles on their faces. As you probably know, Chinese medicine says that every part of your body correlates to a spot on your foot. I just wish the ladies knew good enough English to tell me what ailments they had discovered. I do think there are some serious benefits of getting bones you didn’t even know you had massaged.┬áRegardless, it is insanely relaxing and the place we took my parents to is very nice and clean.

The ‘rents enjoyed the duck, but I don’t think they developed the full blown love affair I have.
I just love the classic, porcelain serving tray.

We also took my Dad to the Mr.’s tailor to have some pants made… the Mr. and a few of his male friends here like to joke that working out in HK is walking to your tailor to have your pants let out. Scary thing is they’re actually not joking!

It’s hard because there is such amazing food here! The Mr. and I think it tops even SF and NYC. I’ve never had anything like this dessert we tried at a Japanese restaurant… it was a poached peach but the hard orange shell was made out of pop rocks or something. It literally pops and cracks and explodes in your mouth.

We did venture out to Lamma island, a quaint little fishing village, but managed to get there just as a downpour began.

Of course the rain didn’t prevent us from eating literally fresh out of the tank seafood.They tie up the crabs so they don’t fight. I kinda felt bad for the little guys just awaiting their end.

My mom brought me some yarn to start more projects with and nicely helped me get started. Here we are knitting away waiting for the ferry.

The apt. feels awfully empty now that they’re gone. But they did confirm that the new guest bed is comfortable so please come visit!

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9 responses to “'Rents visit.

  1. Oh, you had a great visit with your parents!! Foot massage…peking duck…KNITTING with MOM!! what could be better!

  2. Your mom is so classy! That’s so nice that they made the trek out there – and it looks like you guys made it a great trip for them! I’m looking forward to my turn… ­čÖé

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  4. My husband is slightly obsessed with Peking duck. How funny.
    I used to have such stereotypes of the food in Asia until I started reading Saveur – a nice birthday present subscription from my sis. Now I would love to go on a foodie tour of anywhere in Asia!
    What are you knitting?

  5. Deirdre–we are looking forward to your turn, too ­čśë
    Marg0–I LOVE Saveur. No one seems to know about it, but it is one of my favorites. They do a lot of Asia coverage and I have saved a lot of clippings so hopefully we’ll get to try some of their picks out. I’ll be sure to report back. If you haven’t already, you should also check out Cook’s Illustrated. I’m knitting baby blankets for two very exciting upcoming arrivals that I can’t disclose here on the blog ­čśë

  6. Looks like you had a grand time with the ‘rents….Actually, looks like they had a grand time with you; They are so lucky to have such a well researched and generous hostess. You couldn’t make it nicer to travel so far………Glad you shared it with all of us in this way. What a nice birthday gift…for all of you!

  7. Natasha–I’m a big fan of LMLD and have popped over here a couple of times when Leila linked to you and I’m having a great time poking around your blog. I had to comment here because I, too, love Saveur and have never met anyone else who has even heard of it. We’ve given it as a gift a few times and it has never been appreciated. I’m starting to wonder if Saveur readers have some unique gene not shared by the general population.

  8. The ‘rents indeed had a great time, though just now catching up to local time. Indeed, the pleasure of a foot massage cannot be over-estimated and whilst we may not love Peking duck quite as much as Natasha, she picked out a pretty fine way to celebrate her birthday. And for the record, the old farts came in 1, 2 in scrabble! We didn’t go best of 3, nor am I sure the record would hold. Savor life’s victories whenever (and wherever) they come.

  9. We did have a fabulous time with you and the Mr. ,my new son in law!! I loved sitting on your deck and eating dinner. The view is stunning and I am still dreaming about it. I also loved having lunch as The China Tea Club. The food was lovely and I felt like I was back in the 1930’s in old Hong Kong! The best part was being in your lovely home and simply hanging out with you two. It was also great fun hiking on the Peak and seeing the amazing view poking through the trees. What a great place to live in and explore!!I wish HK wasn’t soo far…

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