Serious DE-humidifers.

Everyone said HK was hot and sticky. Well this is how sticky it is… we have six of these beasts in our apartment and they each fill up DAILY.

They each pull close to a gallon of H20 out of the air each day and I’m told it would be way more if you didn’t run your AC.

Thankfully they have a little light that goes on when they are full, but basically¬† time you walk around the apt you’ll find several with lights on. I’m going to have to try to train the Mr. into helping with the dumping…

And I’m quite concerned about what you do when you go on vacation?

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3 responses to “Serious DE-humidifers.

  1. Yes, I was wondering that too when you told me about them! You can’t ever leave! You have to dump out the water!

  2. Good grief, that’s some serious humidity.
    I have a friend from my area traveling in the American Southwest right now and she feels like her brain is drying up because the dry air just whistles through her nasal passages. It’s odd how we get accustomed to a certain level of humidity, but sheesh, what you’re talking about is on a whole new level.
    When I use a humidifier in the winter, I am careful to clean it well although it’s a real pain. I imagine you have to clean yours too – all six. Good grief.

  3. That is crazy!! Just be glad you don’t have curly hair!! Note to self: Bring extra de-frizzing products if I ever find myself on a plane to Hong Kong.

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