Pretty party decor posts.

I’ve not been as great as posting over here as I’d like… work at Minted and little FX have kept me beyond busy. But I did want to let you know that I’ve been doing a little posting over on Minted’s new blog Julep so maybe that will hold you over until the dust settles over here.

I did an interview with Jenny from Jenny’s cookies on how to put together a fabulous dessert table.

I also did a recap on a dinner I put together for Minted at the ALTitude Design Summit.

More to come… I promise! xxx

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9 Responses to Pretty party decor posts.

  1. Still bummed I missed you at ALT. Next year?! Also, I am enjoying Julep. The posts are so great–from everyone!

  2. Take as long as you need, Honey! We will be here when you have a moment!

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  3. yes its wonderful and fabulous dinner table. Looks good!

  4. Wow, this is in every reecpst what I needed to know.

  5. For YEARS our friend’s son has werkod the word “zenpod” in to conversations just to prove the validity of a scrabble game. Seriously, the kid is now 14 and this started when he was 11! He was so adamant about it being a word that he had to forfeit the game and go off to compose himself after “zenpod” was denied a place on the board. But you have to love a kid who, three years later, is still working the defense!

  6. zenpod! I love it. And yes, the kids look like mormor, very stnorg genes. And AMy, those are vintage tile holders, I think the new ones are shorter. We only use 7 tiles, but they don’t look like yours since we also have c5,c4 and d6.

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