Minted is giving away 25 *free* business cards.

I’m sorry dear readers that my last two posts have been picture-less, but I will more than make up for that in this post! Minted is doing a fun giveaway for *everyone* for the next month: to celebrate our new business card collection, we’re giving away 25 free business cards just by clicking through here. I’ve been staring at the cards for the last few weeks straight trying to help spread the word and I have a few favorites I thought I would share with you.

If I were still new to town and looking to meet girlfriends, I’d go with waui’s pique chic:

If I was new to town and trying to get a job, I’d pick Hello Hailey’s dandy day:

If I was a new mom, then SimpleTe’s Playroom:

Mostly for the backer (we offer options for backers: patterned, photo, solid.)
If I was still a writing tutor like during my days at Notre Dame, then Love to Learn by Nocciola design:

Did I tell you I have my first adult little catering gig in mid-September (my friend Tam and I did try our hand at catering in high school!). It’s just to try it out! Cross your fingers for me. Personal chef by lehan paper design.

I realized (after feeling permanently hung over after walking through airports or anywhere with lots of signs) that I needed glasses two years ago (say what? Those trees have leaves!!) and it really surprised me how I actually like how I look better with glasses on. Hopefully other parts of growing old are that unexpectedly nice. Specs by unless someone like you.

In another life I would be able to make my own hair look good. Even in Hong Kong humidity. I hate how it always ends up in a messy bun. Also, how in the world can you both A. be the perfect hostess and b. wear your hair down. Does anyone know how to do both? If so, please email me immediately. Pin business cards by marabou.

Oh to be good at filing and organizing. If only. Did you know that, at heart, I am a really messy person? Not dirty, but piles of papers and mid-way projects everywhere messy. The Mr. refers to these situations as “droppings.” Attractive huh? I’m just very good at shoving things under the bed before company arrives. File share by maddy nye.

Before Minted, I worked at SFmag where I wrote long stories… And yes, as much as I love minted, I do kind of miss it. Drop me a line by carrie oneal.

You all know I adore knitting. I have the matching stationery to this and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it more than life itself. Pretty skein by aspacia henspetter.

The Mr. stayed home sick from work today, which never happens so I’ve been playing Nurse. I love putting things on trays and having him around so to be honest having him be just a little sick every day would be perfect! I like popping in on him between emails, work calls and errands…. band aid by sheila sunaryo. I sure hope all of you have been avoiding summer colds. To be in bed on such a lovely day is so cruel.

Okay, have I convinced you, you need a card yet? Order yours today. And note: Minted now ships internationally for just $9.95 — such a steal!!

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3 responses to “Minted is giving away 25 *free* business cards.

  1. Amazing! Thank you Natasha, am heading over now to check out the free offer 🙂

  2. FREE? That’s awesome! I think as a librarian-to-be, I’m pretty much required to get the Open Book Business Cards!

  3. Natacha Falardeau

    It is a fine summer morning and you are in a happy mood. You have just returned from a long and important overseas business trip and you have attended a number of seminars and exhibitions. As you sit down with a cup of coffee your secretary enters and hands you a stiff piece of rectangular paper. She announces that a well-dressed man had come to meet you regarding an important business deal and had left behind his business card. As you glance through the card, you are impressed by the quality of the board used to make the card. What strikes you is the superb color combination the logo and the lettering of the card uses. Your eyes are riveted to the same and you just cannot take them away.;

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