Mountain climbing in Thailand.

Last week I got to hang out with David, Di, and their three very inquisitive, confident, and adventurous kiddos at what may have been the most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen. Di set up the Mr. and I so she has a very special place in our hearts. David is on his sabbatical so they hung out with us in Hong Kong for two nights and then we set off to Thailand where they’ll be for the next month.

So I am definitely not very adventurous… and they hadn’t really mentioned that we were going to a limestone mountain climbing mecca–Railei Beach, a peninsula reachable only by boat in Southern Thailand.

Here we are walking along our beach to start climbing.

First I learned how to tie a figure eight knot. It’s insane how much you have to trust this one little knot! This is what I look like petrified by the way.

Luckily, we had Pete and Kim, two professional guides with us and that were super encouraging and patient with me.

There is something about a five-year-old jumping right up the mountain that makes you feel like you’ve at least gotta try it or she’ll lose all respect for you!Isn’t Emma, our little flower girl, adorable?!
And here we have mountain climbing, a family affair. As you can see the limestone has some great natural nooks and crannies for digging your fingers into.

So I went for it. The first time I was shaking from fear, but after I got down… about five minutes later, I wanted to go up again. It’s incredibly addictive as long as you don’t look down!

And boy it is a serious work out! You really have to use all your strength to push off your legs and you’re clinging so tightly with your hands, especially when you’re practically climbing up a flat wall. The climbing shoes have awesome grip and you learn to trust even the tiniest ledge.
Di is really getting up there! The crazy thing is that after using every ounce of energy in your body to haul yourself up and not fall backwards, when you get to the top… that is exactly what you have to do… basically jump backwards off the cliff and hope that the rope and the knot will catch you.
I am pretty convinced that these kids are going to be the most empowered and liberated adults out there. Oh and they are all keeping a blog so check it out, especially Kapp’s video of himself climbing

Oh and just because I can’t help myself, here is a picture of us at our wedding.

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3 responses to “Mountain climbing in Thailand.

  1. This is soooooo cool!

  2. Intense!! Good for you. I would have been scared, too!

    The wedding photo is just magical. I will never get tired of looking at your wedding pictures!

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