New Year’s Resolution Ideas.

So, I am very much aware of the fact that I have some major shortcomings. I feel like I am constantly losing my mind and constantly apologizing… so I never have a shortage of ideas for New Year’s resolutions. You know you are inevitably going to get asked what you’ve resolved to do in the New Year no less than 3 dozen times, so why not at least have something to say even if you don’t end up completely, totally, following through.

(Resolution pencils, courtesy of Kate Spade.) Here are some of my favorites, please do comment with your ideas!

–Write one handwritten note a day. If you don’t have a note to write thanking someone for hosting you or for a holiday gift, then think of someone important to you and write them a quick note of thanks. We all get a million emails a day, but a handwritten note actually has some staying power. Of course, Minted has some nice stationery if you need some to get started.

–Stop losing your keys.
After managing to lock my car and house keys in my car parked in front of our old apt, blocking the driveway, fully loaded with enough food to fead an army I decided to make this my resolution last year. I didn’t keep it perfectly, in fact I wish I had done a better job… but making a serious point to develop a system and put things where they belong every time is a really good discipline to develop, or at least try to develop.

–Stop rushing.
Force yourself to internalize the fact that in order to always be on time, one must be early 95% of the time. The Mr. and I have a new plan of attack: we try to get  a drink just the two of us before we meet a couple for dinner…. usually shooting to be 45 minutes early means we’re on time, but sometimes we get to enjoy a little cocktail cuddle time. And
if you are late, then you’re late. There’s nothing you can do about it. So accept that you’re late, call who you are meeting and give them a realistic estimation of your expected arrival. Don’t do what I like to do is split the difference between when you wish you could say you are arriving an when you actually will arrive. And then relax. Accept the fact that there is nothing you can do now to make the traffic go away.

— Be nicer to those in the service industry.
It’s not the poor lady in India’s fault that your computer won’t work. The doorman is a person with real feelings, too. Without nice people to talk to, bagging groceries must get a bit tedious, no? I have to say that everyone here in HK seems just so nice–especially all of the janitors everywhere. And I have to say, what they do is incredible. This city is so clean and immaculate.

— Keep one empty shelf to grow into.
You could resolve to be a neater, tidier, clutter-fighting person, but if you’re like me and you somehow manage to fill / cram  / jam every spare inch with something and then wonder when you’re running around with your head cut-off, why you can’t find anywhere to stash all of the piles (or droppings as the Mr. likes to call them) before company arrives… then you’ll understand why to be truly organized you need to have hidden, empty room.

–Drink more champers.
It’s important to have resolutions that are fun, too! This one hails from my dear friends back in S.F.

–Wear more “duh, dun, du, duhs.”
This is a good one for the year after drinking more champers. Too often we fall into the rut of not putting in effort around the house and shlepping around in gross sweats and that oh, so compfy (but also, oh so ugly) sweatshirt. Your Mr. will appreciate this one. Once a week is a nice way to quantify this one. Plus, this gives you an excuse to shop for you during those great New Year’s sales.

–Use cloth napkins.
What are you waiting for? And why not make every meal celebratory? If you don’t already have some, get a nice set of sturdy white napkins and use them for a week — it’s helpful if you get a napkin ring for each family member — and then when they are starting to get really dirty just bleach the heck out of them. Also, you get green points for this one!

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14 responses to “New Year’s Resolution Ideas.

  1. i love your red and white poka dots!

    someone gave me a set of blue cloth napkins a couple years ago. nothing special, just heavy duty every day ones. and that’s how we use them, every day. i am very surprised how easy it is, it takes no effort at all to throw a dirty one in the wash, they are small and take up almost no room in a load, and handy to have around for the inevitable bigger spills. plus we RARELY spend money on either paper towels or napkins! and plus of course they are just nicer. i do need to find some good every day rings for them…i like how the Lawlers have one painted for each family member. i have been meaning to try something like that.

  2. Yes, losing your mind is a good thing to try not to do this year 😉
    I like your resolutions! I don’t know what duhs are. They are probably something mole-ster.
    Honestly the only time I lose my keys is when someone *Will**cough* takes them and doesn’t put them back in my purse and also when the lining in the pocket I put them in ripped and they slipped in between the lining and the leather really deep down.
    Love the napkins and the setting!
    Wish I could have a pre-dinner drink with you two!

  3. I had to tell my Mother how pitiful her standard ivory napkins were looking during Christmas dinner. They aren’t stained or anything but the material is this loosely woven, dated polyester. She had me throw them in the garbage while cleaning up after dinner so I will be on the look-out for a suitable replacement.

  4. I feel a little silly too, a “dun duhs” a reference to a certian form of slinky underwear? Haha. I am just taking a guess at this one. Also, did you once try to do a resolution where you didn’t buy anything new in terms of wardrobe for a while? Or something like that? As a person who often blurs the line between need and want, I am considering trying to do this at least for as long as I can this year . . . especially since the closet is still packed even after our tag sale! I also think the note idea is great. I will try that! There is no excuse considering that I have an hour train ride to and from work. I also want to resolve to write more just for myself.

    Thanks for the ideas, Tash!

  5. Loved the table, wonder where I got the fun placemats and napkins? Great resolutions! I am working on mine, it is still the 1st here! Love, Mom

  6. I adore both your table setting (polka dots!) and your post. We are writing our New Years resolutions tonight! Happy New Year!

  7. These are great ideas!

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  9. Thanks guys, I just about lost it looking for this.

  10. You’ve got to be kidding me-it’s so transparently clear now!

  11. Wow! Talk about a posting knocking my socks off!

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