New Year’s Resolutions vis-à-vis the Internet.

Sometimes I really do wonder how bloggers manage to simultaneously live and share their beautiful lives, all at the same time. Like when I’m cooking a fancy feast I really don’t have time to stop and shoot the ingredients and the process every step of the way… and once the guest have arrived, forget it! I feel like it’s so rude to interrupt the conversation and take 20 photos of the spread and plates I’ve just put together… it feels like bragging to want to document your own work so thoroughly when you really should be chatting with your guests. But at the same time I’m not going to buy all those ingredients and spend all that time cooking just for the internet–I guess that’s the definition of a profesional blog.

And then when I’m traveling… even if I happen to be somewhere with Internet quick enough to actually let you upload a photo I rarely have the energy to blog after a full day of exploring and adventuring. All of this is a really long-winded way of apologizing for being MIA for the last three weeks and letting you know that there actually has been a lot of fun stuff going on that I’m excited to share with you now that I’ve finally caught my breath.

I think there must be a balance between living life and documenting it so not stressing when you did make the most beautiful pie ever, but being okay with not getting a perfect snap of it because your friends were too busy diving in… and for me, I guess, that involves a good amount of letting go.

And… on that subject… my New Year’s Resolution is really a bifurcated one: 1) to simultaneously take real breaks from the Internet as noted above and enjoy them rather than itch to refresh my iPhone or feel guilty for being a bad blogger and 2) to be more of a contributor when I am online and less of a  taker. What I mean by that is… I do rely on the Internet for everything: Addresses, directions, restaurant recommendations, ideas for things to do… on and on. I vow to write more reviews on Trip Advisor, Yelp and online recipes, to comment more when I (as I often do) really enjoy someone else’s blog post (do you have any idea how excited I am for each and every comment left here!?), to ‘like’ more things from friends on FB, and maybe even to voice a political opinion or two on one of the many news pieces I read each week just to force myself to articulate what it is that I actually think, instead of being such a people pleaser that I’ve really gotten quite out of practice on voicing an actual opinion! While that is a very “loosy-goosy resolution,” my stretch resolution is the ever-elusive “In-Box Zero“… everyone needs something to dream about, right?

So my two resolutions are so seemingly at odds with one another, but that’s what makes it fun right? Perhaps keeping less than 20 windows open at once will help me accomplish them both.

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6 responses to “New Year’s Resolutions vis-à-vis the Internet.

  1. Oh, “In-Box Zero.” The elusive dream…

  2. ah! such a difficult balance, natasha. but, let me comment and say I love your blog and especially your cheerful sense of adventure. looking forward to 2012!

  3. Catching up here — I think your resolutions are good ones! I have the same problem, and I do really feel that LIVING life is important 😉
    Not always documenting it….
    but you do a good job here. Well done!

  4. one of my mantras is life before blog! And I like your idea of being more of a contributor online – that’s an interesting view that I hadn’t thought of before. I like everyone else’s opinions and comments, so I should add my own.

  5. Good summary of the blogger’s dilemma! I’ve been trying to shove off blog guilt resulting from my radio silence, even while enduring pressure from readers. I’m just a bit too busy living!

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