Proud Aunt!

As of yesterday morning, I am a first-time aunt, thanks to the arrival of Philip Edward! Every now and then the timing of living half-way around the world just works out and we ended up being in San Diego to greet Prince Philip 12 hours after he was born! What is also funny is that we also managed to be their first visitors–we really treasured our time with them. 

The little guy missed being a Christmas baby by three hours!

Of course, the Mr. had to pull the Japanese bunny ears!

But he was also quite sweet with the little guy, whom along with his brothers, he has been lobbying to call Pepito.

The proud Papa, also named Philip, above is a Lietuenant in the marines, so the little guy was born on base at Camp Pendleton. Check out his little onesie and the nursee’s camos!

I was very happy because our great timing meant that I could make sure that my knit blanket was given and used on day one, which is very special. I was racing to finish it until last week!

It’s hard to believe how excited I am about being both an aunt and a godmother for the first time. Being a first-time godmother and a recent Catholic convert, I would love to hear suggestions for fun traditions, so chime in if you have any ideas for me.
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8 responses to “Proud Aunt!

  1. Thanks for all of the pictures Natasha!! It’s so wonderful to see the baby surrounded by all of you who look so happy. Your timing was impecable!! I can’t wait to meet him in a couple of weeks! Mmm, new baby, they just smell so sweet and feel so soft and warm…and it last for such a short time! Can you believe Ann will be a year next month?? She is almost walking…

  2. I am so glad you and Nick are the godparents. The most important thing is to PRAY!
    Your presence throughout his life is so important! The smallest prayer card from you will mean so much.
    I’m not the best godparent in the world, but becoming one made me understand the communion of saints so much more, and made me think about how much we all mean to each other on this journey!

  3. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Who doesn’t love a newborn?

  4. I have never seen Philip look quite so out of it. Childbirth is tough! I hope he has had a drink by now. And I must say the Mr. and the Mrs. look quite natural holding a newborn baby. Thank you for the pictures. XOXO

  5. Natasha,
    I just learn of a fabulous tradition for godchildren. The idea is to give them a piece from the Fontanini creche every Christmas. When they are grown, they will have a lovely set for their own family.

    My MIL has started that tradition with us. We love it. Also, it makes possible for us a tradition of my own mother – each day during Advent one piece of the creche goes up, with Jesus last on Christmas eve. The kids take turns; it made advent so exciting for me as a child to watch the nativity scene slowly get bigger and bigger!

    The other tradition I love is giving godchildren presents on their baptismal day instead of their birthday!


  6. Send little presents on he feast of his namesake saint. Send a very cool advent calendar each year. Send post cards. Pick a day each year or month to pray for his vocation Those are some things that I have seen done to much success.

  7. I have been blessed to have nine Godchildren and they are such a joy to me. I agree with your dear MIL, prayer is the most important thing you can do for them. I also send cards on their baptismal anniversary, birthday’s, feast day’s/name days’s and of course Easter and Christmas. If they live locally I try to have little “date” with them once or twice a year. Any gifts I give I try to be handmade or something religious to remind them they are prayed for and loved by many. Have fun and enjoy. Blessings and Grace to you and yours…

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