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Sri Lanka: Adam’s Peak.

While we were in Sri Lanka we hiked up 5,500 steps to the top of Adam’s Peak.
The mountain peak is sacred to four of the world’s major religions; the Buddhists believe that the large rock formation on top is Buddha’s footprint; the Hindus believe it to be Shiva’s footprint; and Christians and Muslims believe it to be Adam’s footprint after he was flung out of paradise.

After a couple of little distractions at the start, it was literally straight to the top.

Adam’s Peak is a very famous pilgrimage and the season was just gearing up to start mid-December when we visited… during the season lights illuminate the path through the night and people leave at 1am and try to hit the summit at sunrise. Isn’t it crazy that there is both electricity and cell phone service all the way up?

Given that there were no lights when we did it and apparently there are a lot of snakes and leopards we opted to do it in early, but not SO early morning… we left our bungalow at 5am. I was glad it wasn’t so cold!

Thank goodness for these railings or we might have toppled down the mountain!

When we got to the top, we each rang the bell once as it was our first ascent.

Unfortunately we couldn’t actually see the footprint and we found the shrine on top to be underwhelming… we were worried we wouldn’t even get to see the view amidst all the swirling clouds, but then….

It was so beautiful… but all I wanted to do was get back into the warming hut!
It’s so true that the way down was far more painful than the way up. Our legs were complete Jello!

(Thanks Dad for the matching fleeces!)

On our way down we saw these incredibly strong men carrying these stacks of woods all the way up. Boy were they sweating! What a tough, tough way to make just a few dollars.  Makes desk jobs look a whole lot more appealing!

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