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Paper first anniversary gifts.

So I never got a chance to show you what the Mr. and I gave one another for our first anniversary. Not surprisingly, being a complete paper-obsessed freak, we stuck with the traditional paper gifts.

I gave the Mr. two antique prints of our new home. I love antique prints because there is so much you can learn from them and they’re also quite beautiful. And they have some real value as they are quite old, but they’re not nearly as expensive as real art. If you are looking for an online source, I highly recommend Lyon’s Ltd. I bought the Mr. his groom’s gift here (maps of Boston, his hometown). They have a fabulous, certified collection with something at every price point.

We both are quite fascinated by old maps. I love the colors in this one (especially the turquoise sea and the bright orange regional border) and it has already been helpful as my Asian geography is not quite what it should be. 
I like how the inset on this map of China and the Japanese Empire is of Hong Kong. I am so embarrassed to even write this, but the truth is I didn’t know that Kowloon was part of mainland China until I saw this on this very map. That’s right… China is right there out the window. And, yes, I am a complete idiot. There are lots of other interesting notes, like where the Imperial Hunting Grounds are in Beijing or what ports at the time were open to foreigners (they’re underlined). You also get a real sense for how far south HK is from Tokyo — it’s a 4.5 hour flight.

The second picture is a series of three prints picturing Victoria Harbour in 1847. There is almost nothing here yet, except for the Governor’s House, the RC Church, the Market, Jamieson & Co., Matheson’s Opium Store, Barracks, and the Mission Hospital. I think it’s pretty cool to have it up in our living room with the current Victoria Harbour view which is obviously SO much different!!!
Now, the Mr. is actually quite creative and instead of something to remember our new home, he got me a little something from back home.

Leave it to the Mr. to find the best the Internet has to offer. These little books are a throwback to agriculture memo books. They say they’re: “An honest memo book, worth fillin’ up with GOOD INFORMATION.” There other tag line which I quite like is “I’m not writing it down to remember later, I’m writing it down to remember it now.” Isn’t that so true? Get your Field Notes here.

Do any of you have fun first anniversary paper gift ideas you feel like dishing? I’ve heard of plane tickets is another quite popular one. As is a wedding album.

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